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The new film by director Gabriel Salvatores arrives in cinemas

The new film by director Gabriel Salvatores arrives in cinemas

Noon at the cinema today comediansOscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatores’ new film with Ale and Franz, Natalino Balasso, Demetra Bellina, Marco Bonadei, Elena Callegari, Aram Kian, Walter Leonardi, Riccardo Maranzana, Giulio Pranno, Vincenzo Zampa With the extraordinary participation of Christian de Sica.

Indiana Productions with Rai Cinema, In collaboration with Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission Supported by the Directorate General of Cinema and Audiovisual Microphone. Inspired by the play “Comedians” by director Trevor Griffiths and adapted by the same director.

the plot

In the film, six aspiring comedians who are tired of the mediocrity of their lives, at the end of an evening training session, prepare for their first performance in a club. In the audience there is also an examiner, who will choose one of them for a TV show. It is a great opportunity for everyone to change their lives, and for some it may be the last. Shows begin and every comedian takes the stage with a big dilemma: respecting their teacher’s teachings, dedicating them to clever and relentless comic series, or changing their numbers to satisfy the less refined taste of the examiner? Or maybe you are looking for a third method, the method of absolute authenticity? Through the stories of six comedians, comedians are a reflection of the meaning of comedy in our time, and they tackle topical issues thoroughly.

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