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The neighbor's tree stands out on his property and he cuts it in half vertically

The neighbor’s tree stands out on his property and he cuts it in half vertically

June 26, 2021, 12:25 pm

An ordinary dispute between two neighbors turned a quiet residential street into a tourist destination that quickly spread. We are Waterthorpe, a suburb of Sheffield where there is a house with a ‘half tree’. The conifers that stood proudly in the Mistry family’s garden were actually “cut” in the part that loomed above a neighbor’s house after residents complained about birds nesting there.

Tree in Meta 2

“We were very good friends,” he explains. British newspapers 56-year-old Bharat Mistry, owner of the small lawn where the tree stands. “It’s been there since the house was built and we’ve never had any major problems before. But the gardeners came overnight and literally pruned half the tree. We haven’t spoken to each other since.” The birds are clearly back, the neighbor’s problems with pests remain, in addition, there is also a crowd of onlookers who have now chosen the tree “in the middle” as a frame for a selfie after sharing photos of the plant online on social media.

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