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Qatargate, comprehensive investigation: "a number of MEPs on the payroll"

Qatargate, comprehensive investigation: “a number of MEPs on the payroll”

The Qatargate It may not have ended with the arrest of four people and the sealing of the offices of the auxiliary parliaments in Strasbourg and Brussels. “I don’t want to say that the entire European Parliament is involved in the story, we just don’t know. But I think the Belgian police have information on another country as wellChristophe Berti, director of Le Soir, the Belgian newspaper that bombed Qatargate, said in an interview with Mediaset.

The hypotheses on the table of the Belgian judges could open up even more disturbing scenarios about the scandal that overshadows the highest expression of European democracy. At the moment, in fact, nothing deputy Under investigation but one hypothesis on the federal prosecutor’s table makes your wrists tingle. In fact, there could be some European MPs directly implicated in the scandal enlivening the corridors of the two main European buildings.

In fact, it is not excluded that some parliamentarians a Payment book In Qatar, that is, there are voting packages that can be spent when needed and for a specific cash payment. Obviously, these are all investigative hypotheses that have yet to be confirmed, and will have to be evaluated in the next few hours, but this seems to be one of the paths investigators have taken to find a solution to the case. The suspicion is that the alleged deals in favor of Qatar were not isolated episodes, but in fact they were hiding a Well organized structure.

Brussels judges also thanks for his revelations Francesco Giorgi, one of the detainees who decided to cooperate with the judges, wants to go all the way. The investigation, conducted by Belgian judge Michel Cleese, began from the declassification of part of an investigation conducted by Sureté de l’Etat, the Belgian intelligence service, in collaboration with other European intelligence services. The news was reported by the Belgian media Le Soir and Knack, citing informed sources. The Sureté investigation will begin in 2021.

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Suspicion that someone may have initiated corrupt practices within the European Parliament in order to amend the Parliament’s position on Human rights violations In the Gulf emirates it takes more and more shape. At the moment, more than a million euros in cash, in banknotes of 20, 50 and 100 euros, have been found in various bags kept in the homes of Antonio Panzieri and Eva Caeli. The money the two Belgian investigators uncovered, they already knew they were going to find.

The two are in custody, along with Francesco Giorgi and Nicolo Vega of Talamanca. However, the wife and daughter of the former SPD deputy are under house arrest and an extradition order could be issued for them in the next few days. Once the money was discovered in Panziri’s house, it was found 007 The Belgians I declassified part of the file, sent it to the Anti-Corruption Coordination Office, the Central Office for the Suppression of Corruption, and the judge’s investigation began

In connection with the investigation Antonio Panziri and his NGO Fight impunityIn response to a question about Qatargate, European Commission spokesperson Christian Wiegand said during a daily briefing to the press, “He did not receive any funding from usThe European money never reached the NGO Fight Impunity either because, as spokeswoman Dana Spinant explained, “It is not registered in the Transparency Registry“.