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The Jeep Renegade is still in production and will be updated

The Jeep Renegade is still in production and will be updated

There is still time to retire – Good news for the Al-Malfi factory and for those thinking about buying it Jeep Renegade: Contrary to rumors circulating last October, Stellantis has decided not to discontinue the American compact SUV and extend its career beyond 2024. This means that the former Fiat Lucanian plant, which from the last quarter of this year until 2026 will produce five New templates (all based on the group's STLA Medium platform, from To learn more), the Renegade will also continue to be produced for some time, perhaps until 2026.

> In the picture above is the 2024 Renegade model that we will see in Italy. But above, the Brazilian version offers some aesthetic changes.

It changes only under the “skin” – Updated on safety equipments In light of the new European rules that will come into force from July 1, 2024 (from To learn more), in Multimedia systemis no longer in keeping with the “new” era. Jeep Renegade It will arrive during Spring 2024. Unlike the model sold in Brazil, which has a refreshed look with a redesigned grille, new 'X' lights for the taillights and other detail changes, the new features are actually all concentrated under the 'skin'.

> Pictured above is the interior of the Brazilian Jeep Renegade, which can “donate” the interior of the European car. Note the new steering wheel, digital instrument panel and new multimedia system.

success – the Jeep Renegade 2024 It is sold in Italy and European markets, so it will maintain the appearance of the current model, launched ten years ago and renewed in 2018 in only some details. The rebel owes it big success: Today, despite the ID card, it remains the most widespread compact SUV in our country (in the 4xe plug-in hybrid version) and from 2014 to today, almost 2 million units have left the doors of Malfi, more than 100 have been sold Including the countries that are shipped around the world.

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