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"The girl who is the symbol of Mariupol Hospital was kidnapped by the Russians"

“The girl who is the symbol of Mariupol Hospital was kidnapped by the Russians”

She became famous for the photo that was taken in the Mariupol Children’s Hospital after the bombing, On her way up the stairs, she was wearing polka dot pajamas. And the controversy launched by the Russians who talked about the launch. Today comes the news of the kidnapping of Marianna Vysimirska, a pregnant fashion blogger who gave birth to a baby girl after the raid, by the Russian occupiers. It is brought to the Donetsk People’s Republic. This was reported by the Ukrainian online newspaper Obozrevatel.

At first her relatives – volunteers report – asked to take her to the area controlled by Ukraine because the Russians were going to use her for propaganda purposes. The prediction appears to have been confirmed. Mariana Vysimirska appeared in a video, posted by social media accounts linked to Russia, translated into English, in which she tells that there was no air attack on the hospital, only explosions of an unspecified nature. Film, however, was cut several times.

Mariana – in the video – also says that Ukrainian soldiers came to the hospital to order food that their husbands had prepared for their comrades waiting to give birth and that she did not authorize the photographer to take pictures in the hospital.

The Russians after the attack, They claimed that the building It is no longer used as a health facility, but rather the blogger was accused of wearing different clothes to take pictures in different poses. The Kremlin initially admitted to the bombing, claiming that the men of the Azov Battalion were hiding in the building. Then he claimed that the bombing was carried out by the Ukrainians. In short, an infinite communicative short circuit.

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Ukrainian journalist, Olga Tokaryuk, who first broke the news of the birth, closely followed the story of Mariana.

He has now posted a video of the blogger – who is registered in Russian-controlled territory – accusing Moscow of exploiting the media.

belinkat, He resumed the reconstruction of Dutch activist Thomas van Laing, accusing Moscow of violating evacuation agreements providing for the transfer of civilians to the territory controlled by Ukraine.