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The game world, "Thedas", is a temporary acronym that has become definitive -

The game world, “Thedas”, is a temporary acronym that has become definitive –

The world of video games often hides secrets, and today we discovered one. Dragon Age setting, commonly known as Thedas, took his name from A Temporary shortcut becomes permanent. Dragon Age lead writer and creator David Gaider explains what happened.

accurately, Thedas was born with the name TheDAS, or “Dragon Age setting” (literally “Dragon Age setting”). It’s not a real name, but only an acronym temporarily chosen to have a way of referring to the game world.

jayder, responding to one user on Twitter, wrote: “I still remember the meeting during which we (reluctantly) decided to use the temporary name ‘TheDAS’ because nothing else ‘sounds good.’ We’ve used this temporary name internally for years, at this point. We obviously learned a lesson about what temporary nouns should be (and shouldn’t be).”

Gaider continues to explain Why is the Dragon Age world called a temporary name Early in development: “This is because (if I remember correctly) James Olin had a name he wanted to use and that… I didn’t like it very much,” Gayder wrote. “But he was my boss at the time, so I definitely couldn’t say no to him and call him some other way.”

Gayder also revealed that Thedas It’s not the only temporary name Which became part of Dragon Age lore: “I followed the same strategy with Qunari, actually. When I first made their name, no one was convinced,” he explained. They said: “It looks like a canary!”. Knowing what happened with “Thedas,” I said “Let’s keep Qunari as a temporary name and come back to it in 6 months or so.” We did it, and voila. The canine remained.”

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