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“The future is called the United States of Europe”: meeting of the Benigno Saccagnini Association

“The future is called the United States of Europe”: meeting of the Benigno Saccagnini Association

The Benigno Zaccagnini Association of Cesena wants to follow a clear path: “The future is called the America of Europe”. This is the topic given to the meeting on Monday February 19 at 8.45 pm at the headquarters of the CISL Romagna union (Via Renato Serra 15, Cesena). The event is organized by Zaccagnini in collaboration with the “Ursula Hirschmann” section of Mfe, headed by Maria Laura Moretti.

“Is it really Europe's fault if things are not right? Would it really be better if we went back to the nation-states of the 19th century? We think no – comments Damiano Zoffoli, president of the Zaccagnini Association – and if only we create a truly federal Europe on the American model, most of today's problems, “We think we can overcome the challenges. We don't meet”.

Contrary to the narrative of recent years, especially the position of a certain politician: “Talking about the United States of Europe is not very popular these days. For years European institutions have been played by a large number of blame games. Politicians, citizens or the media, a heterogeneous front, all in an abstract and distant institution. United only by accusation: “Europe” to be precise.

For this reason, Zaccagnini joined the European federal movement in organizing a meeting with the national president of the MFE: “Beyond the declarations of the leaders, the future of this continent is in the hands of the citizens, because we are Europe – Zoffoli underlines – to ask loudly to restart the European integration process in a federal key We urgently need a Europe legitimized by citizens, capable of acting at the political level, more effective in solving common problems. The changes are now clearly identifiable, starting with some competences, ending with a fiscal and economic union with a sufficiently large European budget, as well as foreign and defense, etc. Shifting from consensus to majority voting on matters of policy”.

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In this regard, the European federal movement has launched a campaign with a clear proposal: “We want to reform the European Union and equip it with those political-institutional and financial instruments that allow it to function effectively and authoritatively,” explains the President. Mfe of Cesena, Maria Laura Moretti. The proposal has now been passed in the European Parliament and the European federalists insist that it be put on the agenda at the European Council on March 21 and 22: “If the majority of national governments are in favor of launching a conference on the reform. Treaties, this could be planned for the beginning of 2025”.