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"Rocky failed, catastrophic city"

“Rocky failed, catastrophic city”

“We make it clear: the Radiation administration has completely failed and betrayed the promises made to the citizens.” Democrat Rome mayoral candidate Roberto Cuvaltieri made the remarks while addressing a public meeting of Democrats at the Citte del Ultra Economy in Testacio.

“For me, meeting physically, hard and hard after 15 months is truly a great pleasure and a deep emotion. From here we begin the most important challenge for all Democrats, the challenge for salvation and resumption. Mayor it is an honor and a responsibility, the solidarity with which I have decided to support my candidacy And I feel grateful and grateful for the encouragement, and I will strive to do so with humility, pride and complete dedication, “he said.

“The city – including the former Minister of Economy – is in a state of disarray, the level of welfare services for all to see. What are you doing? Election ‘Romanella’ with your presence and catwalks. Failure total administration and vision and lack of a development strategy, with extraordinary work in the Lazio region Had the ability to communicate. Rocky never planned for the future “.

“There will be a large political coalition of parties and intermediaries. We will respect all the candidates, we will campaign lightly, attentively and listen. But we will definitely be there when necessary to condemn the catastrophes of this administration. Do not use Capital’s resources to fund its communications and its election campaign. This is not going to happen, “said Qualteri. “The only effective referendum is to vote for the Democrats and change the mayor of the capital, and we will explain it to all Romanians.”

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Again: “After giving the Olympics to Paris, Rocky is now talking about Expo 2030. We will follow this path if possible. But we are interested in the current issues. We would like to know if the management agrees to save the tramways. That risk is damaging, losing the recovery money. In the absence we proposed a commissioner to the Jubilee. We would like to know from the Rays how it prepares for calls for recovery, we have lost resources.

In the Roma Arena: “The whole affair is another dramatic failure of this House. We will examine that document very carefully. The only definite answer in the suburbs was provided by the Lazio region with extraordinary work area and plans. Alternative work to the municipality. I usually look for a united and concise PD. .

“We say a very simple thing to Calenda’s electorate – Continuing Qualdier – if they want to avoid the risk of the rays going to the polls, they must vote for the Democrats and me. We believe they are Romanians. I think.Names that turn right? I’m waiting to meet the candidate or the candidate.