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The free game was officially announced on January 26, 2023 –

The free game was officially announced on January 26, 2023 –

Like every Thursday, along with the arrival of the gifts of the day, the Free game which will be available to usersEpic Games Store from January 26, 2023: it is about Farewell.

It’s a cinematic first-person experience about “how to implement a complex decision,” as the developers define it, which already hints at a somewhat specific experience.

The hero of the story is A Pig farms in Kansasgrapples with a difficult situation far from the usual one one might expect for a quiet country farm manager.

Adios, screenshot of the game

In early autumn, on a quiet October day, our character is forced to make a decision that could lead to very sad consequences.

The morning air is fresh as always and you’ve just decided you no longer want the mafia to use your pets to dispose of dead bodies. Once your old friend, a hitman, arrives with the assistant to deliver another body to you, you finally muster up the courage to tell him you want to quit.

This is just a rundown of the concept behind Adios, which presents itself as a very special first-person adventure, which you can learn more about at this is the address In the Epic Games Store, awaiting delivery starting next Thursday.

We also remember the free game on January 19, 2023 that was made available today, or Epistory – Typing Chronicles.

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