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The fourteenth month is less than the salary: If such a case exists

The fourteenth month is less than the salary: If such a case exists

Have you ever wondered why the net fourteenth is less than what is usually taken with the salary? Here’s how to calculate it.

July is the month dedicated toSend xiv, which is a kind of extra month’s salary which is somewhat equivalent to the thirteenth month of extra salary (approximately). This amount is eagerly awaited by millions of Italians, because it is spent just before the holidays, so much so that it is also called weekday bonus or holiday bonus. In fact, it is often part of Amounts spent cOn the 14th they are used specifically for holidays, from traveling to overnight stays to booking sunbeds and umbrellas.

Who is entitled to the 14th salary and how is it calculated (

They usually receive it from employees and workers food sectors, Chemical, Logistics and land transportation, the third, tourism and trade. In addition to the possibility of obtaining them in other sectors as a result of specific company agreements or individual agreements. It is not usually paid to civil servants Prohibition exceptions.

Why the fourteenth month is often less than the salary? How is it calculated

If the employee works more than fifteen days in a month, the e benefit is considered accrued You need twelve From July 1 to June 30 of the following year, to the full maturity of the fourteenth month. For example, if an employee is hired on the 20th of the month, the proportional vesting will not be accrued. Well, in connection with the fourteenth, many are wondering why there are cases when the voucher is less than the amount of the usual monthly salary. many times until the total results less than the salary. Why all this?

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XIV, factors that contribute to the total amount (

There are many factors that contribute to formation of the total amount of the fourteenth and one of which, as has been made clear a moment ago, is strictly related to the number of accrued receivables. But there is also the impossibility of applying personal income tax deductions to this amount. When the total of the fourteenth less than salary, The reason could be related to the fact that the twelve premiums did not accrue, for example for employment made at the end of the month or because the worker was absent from work without pay.

very far like All dues are due In fact, the amount of the 14th salary is equal to one month’s salary even if the so-called Distinguished Component of Salary (Edr) is not counted and this is one of the reasons why the total is less than the normal salary.

This amount Subject to contributions It is subject to financial tax but deductions such as those for dependent family members or income from work cannot be applied. Irpef gross must also be paid, items that can cause the net amount to be less than the salary.

But there is also feature: Dues for regional and municipal surcharges are not collected on the account and on the balance even if this absence never compensates for the inability to apply deductions.