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The crisis in Iraq has worsened, and the curfew is happening across the country – Middle East

The crisis in Iraq has worsened. The Iraqi army had announced an extension Curfew across the countryAfter it was announced in Baghdad Starting at 3.30 pm local time (2.30 pm in Italy) and for an indefinite period.

L ‘United nations Meanwhile, he called on the demonstrators to leave the Green Zone in Baghdad, where it is located, at least, according to the media Twelve dead and an unknown number wounded The effect of shooting at eye level by unidentified gunmen. Tear gas was also used against protesters.

there White House He describes the situation in Iraq as “worrying” and calls for calm and dialogue. L ‘Iran Instead, it decided to close the border with Iraq.

Riots broke out this morning, with Followers of Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr attacked the presidential palace Baghdad. The protesters did Burning photos and explosions of Iranian General Qassem SoleimaniIran symbol. Tensions escalated in recent weeks and days when al-Sadr’s followers first occupied the parliament building, and then, for a few hours, stayed in the camp in front of the headquarters of the Supreme Judicial Council. Last Saturday, al-Sadr issued a 72-hour ultimatum to the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in order to dissolve parliament, and also called on all sectarian political leaders to withdraw from all institutional and public positions to allow the reform process to begin. The Shiite leader himself, who won the October elections, announced this morning a “final” withdrawal from the political life of the country, which has been paralyzed for nearly a year due to the prolonged political stalemate due to the lack of agreement between the political forces. Formation of the new government.

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Baghdad, Sadr supporters bathe in the pool of a government building

the chestThe winner of the legislative elections in October, He raised the tone of political protest by announcing his retirement from political life After 20 years of activism in post-Saddam Hussein Iraq, under the prolonged political and institutional stalemate to form the new government.

The outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Kazemi Early in the afternoon, he addressed al-Sadr himself, asking him to make an appeal to his followers, assembled en masse in Baghdad, to abandon the Republic Palace, which had just been attacked, and to retreat from the streets of the capital. Al-Arabiya TV channel Al-Arabiya reported, quoting a statement issued by the presidency of the Iraqi Council.

while US military helicopters They are flying over the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad. This was reported by the Al-Arabiya television channel, which shows images of military helicopters flying at a low altitude over the Iraqi institutional buildings. According to other Iraqi press sources, the US military aircraft Bring some Iraqi institutional figures to safe placesa circumstance that is impossible to confirm with independent sources and on the ground.