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The Baltimore Attorney General’s Office has demanded that the sentence against Adnan Syed, who became famous for his “serial” podcast, be overturned.

Attorney Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore in the United States on Wednesday Asked A life sentence was abolished in 2000 against 17-year-old Adnan Syed, accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Hye Min Lee in 1999 in Baltimore. So the prosecutor asked for a retrial. Syed has always stood up for the innocent, and in recent years – thanks in large part to the work of my authors a series, a podcast for investigative journalism that told Syed’s story in 2014, was a huge hit – numerous irregularities emerged in the investigation and trial that led to his conviction. For this reason, Syed’s lawyers and activists who support him have been calling for a review of the trial for some time.

That’s exactly what the Baltimore attorney general asked on Wednesday, who said in a statement, “Following a nearly year-long investigation in which the facts at the center of this case have been re-examined, Syed deserves a retrial in which he is adequately represented and in which the most recent evidence can be presented.” Mosby also said that the investigation points to two other people suspected of killing Hye Min Lee in 1999, and they appear to have been known to the police since then (names have not been released yet).

Syed’s lawyer’s thesis is that at the time of the first trial, his lawyer Cristina Gutierrez had not been defending their client in the best way at the time, and she was very ill and would have died within a few years of multiple sclerosis. In 2016, a Baltimore court granted Syed the opportunity for a retrial. The Maryland Court of Appeals upheld the decision, but it was later overturned in March 2019 with another ruling. The case has also ended in the US Supreme Court, which refused to check it again.

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