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Tax return will be easier

Tax return will be easier

Fewer receipts And pieces of paper to hold, if the tax declaration pre-translated with the “do it yourself“Directly from your computer or through your employer. The simplification is contained in an amendment introduced by Liu to the tax and labor ordinance, which the House of Representatives was called yesterday for a vote of confidence. For several years, health facilities, universities, banks and other entities have been sending documents Electronic information relating to transactions with taxpayers to the Revenue Agency, and thus payments for medical examinations, fees, mortgages, etc. The information flows directly to 730.


With the current rules, he who sends it as is, and thus accepts it unchanged, takes refuge from the later rules Official controls by the tax administration. On the other hand, if the taxpayer intervenes to modify even one data, for example to add an expense related to children’s sports activities (which are not transmitted electronically), then the return of the documents can be checked. All of them are in theory, even those that have not been altered: hence the need to keep receipts and receipts, even if in reality the revenue agency already possesses these data. On the other hand, with legislative correction, controls can only relate to information that has already been changed. In principle, the agency is already organized in this way, but the new rule gives certainty to taxpayers, who will therefore not have the obligation to keep papers, except for those that refer to novelties concretely included in the declaration.

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It should be noted that the modification is only applicable to one case string, which is a string A declaration submitted directly by the taxpayer Or, as mentioned, through a tax withholding agent when responsible for sending the 730. There Alternatively different rules for those passing coffee shopsTax Assistance Centers: In this case, examinations are conducted on these topics, so the obligation to save does not fall directly on the taxpayer. Maria Cecilia Guerra, a Leu member and undersecretary for the economy, however, specified that the “next step” would be to expand the mechanism to include advertisements submitted through CAF.

Among other changes in the field of taxation, there is also the rule that setsCall of folders. In practice, if the taxpayer believes that there was a previous omitted or invalid notice of payment (or in the case of a prescription for debt registered in the role), he or she will not be able to apply to a tax judge to challenge the roles he knew by firing a so-called as a “role snippet” by the revenue group.


And talk of volumes, the subject of the new extension of the terms of payment is still pending, after the mini-delay approved in the commission at Palazzo Madama. The deadline has been pushed back from November 30 to December 9 and, from the taxpayer’s point of view, there is also the possibility to take advantage of the five-day grace period provided by the legislation. But with the examination of the budget law, other amendments could come. As Laura Castelli, Deputy Minister of Economy, confirmed on the table, there is an additional easing of payments and a possible fourth cancellation, at the request of the 5-Star Movement.