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Daniel Giovannardi was suspended from the doctors' order.  His brother Carlo: "This is not Vox"

Daniel Giovannardi was suspended from the doctors’ order. His brother Carlo: “This is not Vox”

Dr. Daniel Giovannardi, the brother of former Senator Carlo, has been suspended from a medical order. Because he has not yet vaccinated Govt. The former Member of Parliament and Minister defended him: “I took the third dose and I firmly believe you should be vaccinated because this is the right way. Very important for some aspects of green bass, Vaccinating children and vaccines are still being tested, “he said.” Explains that you have some pathology. He has therefore requested to see if he can be exempted from the vaccine.

“Modena’s ASL – underlining the former senator – should have responded on the basis of merit for honesty and transparency. If ASL said no to vaccination, the question was settled in the presence of his pathology. , As everyone does, it should have stopped. I don’t think it’s right to pause it without an answer. Remember this is true for my brother and any citizen. Again, I renew my call for everyone to be vaccinated. ”

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