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Tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus Lukashenko: “Transfer completed”

Tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus Lukashenko: “Transfer completed”

Rome, December 26, 2023 – If Tactical nuclear weapons Promises from Moscow have already arrived BelarusThe president confirmed this Alexander Lukashenko. This came during his response to questions from journalists attending the Eurasian Economic Union Summit held in St. Petersburg, which was requested by the Russian President. Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Lukashenko explained that Moscow was going to respond to the security request from the Belarusian authorities “for some time, in September or October,” explaining that “at the beginning of October” the last batch of tactical weapons arrived on Belarusian territory. “Everything is in place and in good condition,” he concluded.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko

Lukashenko explained this Training of Belarusian soldiers Daily basis. “We learn all day, every day. Even former Wagnerians who have remained with us work in our units today, passing on experience.” Putin also joked with Lukashenko about the announced supply of “chicken eggs” from Belarus to the Russian Federation, urging Minsk “not to be greedy” (the phrase “eggs” in Russian is used as a metaphor for male courage).

According to TASS, it was received by Belarusian forces Iskander-M missiles and modified Sukhoi fighters Supplied for nuclear weapons use. We are not talking about very powerful atomic bombs, usually used as a deterrent and capable of razing cities to the ground, but about tactical nuclear weapons, less powerful, less radioactive, less destructive, but at the same time destructive to the world. Battlefields of Ukraine.

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