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Swelling and pain on one side?  You can recover in this way but there are contraindications

Swelling and pain on one side? You can recover in this way but there are contraindications

We often hear about irritable colon. There is talk of a chronic syndrome that can persist over time and require prolonged treatments. Let’s find out something more.


Unfortunately, it is the pathology that often affects fears Infections of the gastrointestinal mucosa. Mainly manifested with Loin pain, diarrhea and swelling.

Stress and an incorrect diet can be a cause of this condition Colon very seriously.

Some sedative herbs may help treat the condition, but beware of contraindications. What are the solutions?


We use often and with pleasure herbs such as nutritional supplements, But we must be very careful since We abuse it and see a decrease in its effectiveness. So learn not to overdo it but also to switch them up.

Rich plant is psyllium. There is a lot to add to some Drinks or yogurt and juices. In addition to Makes sweets delicate. The Peel They have wonderful properties. Just dilute it as an herbal tea and the effect is really unique. Me tooto lemon balm, It has great benefits for our bodies.

However, you should pay attention to contraindications. When you have a file colon with pain Which grass to use is hibiscus is a miracle against infections And a great ally Intestine.

molokhia in fact Increases stool volume, easy to expel without side effects, as happens with other herbs.

As for theAloe vera is known to be very helpful in soothing heartburn, eliminating swelling, and fighting gastroenteritis. It is used when you have one Colitis But always pay attention to the quantities.

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In fact, if it is abused it becomes a right Very laxative like an herb Thus, it causes dehydration that can be dangerous. The effect can be real intestinal drain.

As in everything, if you overdo it This herb ends up in our body becoming addictive and the effects are no longer valid. Forts can happen Stomach ache And also one Noticeable diarrhea.

It is necessary as in all cases Always consult your doctor and do not take herbs without his advice.

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