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The risks drop significantly after the second dose. Reasons »

ASTRAZENECA and THROMBOSIS: Risks decrease significantly after the second dose. the reasons

The risk of thrombosis decreases after the second dosedanger from coagulationAnd After the second dose AstraZeneca antiviral vaccine, drastically collapses. To report the news is the magazine scalpel, one of the most appreciated places in the world in the scientific field.

The study published by the magazine, which was also cited Republic, Based on General adverse reactions American manufacturer of the vaccine. Archive captures all negative events Automatically reported from field use of medicines and vaccines worldwide. If for the first dose, recorded occurrence 8.1 cases of TTS per 1 million vaccinated, with two doses, the analysis indicates a breakdown at 2.3 approx For every million immunized. Scientists explain a similar value to what was observed in the unvaccinated population.

Experts included in the analysis All cases of TTS that occurred within 14 days of intramuscular administration From the first or second dose of Astrazeneca until April 30, 2021. Thirteen cases of coagulopathy were identified, which occurred 1-13 days after vaccination, while no cases were observed outside the 14-day window. Based on weekly data collected by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and the UK Department of Energy and Industrial Strategy, as of April 25, 2021, it is estimated that 5.62 million people received the second dose of AZD1222 in the EU and UK.

In light of this, AstraZeneca is effective against Covid of any severity and has a decisive role in the fight against the epidemic. Although TTS is determined after the first dose, These results encourage second management As indicated, to provide protection against Covid, including the most worrisome variants. An important message above all related to the many communication errors and fake news that in recent months have caused great doubts and fears about the Oxford vaccine.

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