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Supreme Court ruling –

Supreme Court ruling –

to Viviana Mazza

The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously, overturning a Colorado court ruling that Donald Trump was unfit for his role in the January 6, 2021 insurrection. Biden: No comment. Tomorrow, he will challenge former President Nikki Haley in the Colorado primary

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The Supreme Court affirmed Donald Trump's eligibility in Colorado, one of 15 states voting today on Super Tuesday, the busiest event on the White House primary calendar. The nine justices unanimously approved the former president's appeal of the Colorado Supreme Court's decision to bar him from serving for his role in the storming of the Capitol under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, which prohibits people from holding public office. constitution.

The ruling of the Federal Supreme Court stipulates that the decision is not within the jurisdiction of the states, which would create chaos and situations of conflict between one state and another. Serves as a precedent for all pending appeals in other states. As expected, the resolution does not address the merits of the insurrection itself (whether Trump's words and actions favored the insurrection and whether the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 could be considered such).

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Despite the unanimous ruling, the justices were divided on how to apply Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment in the future: The five conservative majority say it should be up to Congress to decide, while the three liberal justices (Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Ketanji Brown Jackson) believe it should not necessarily be up to Congress alone. Even according to Justice Amy Coney Barrett, one of three Trump appointees, the court did not have to address the complex question of whether federal law was the exclusive vehicle for enforcing Section 3, but Barrett called on his colleagues to focus on the aspects that were agreed upon to reduce the temperature of the political conflict taking place in the country.

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Because if Trump returns, Italy and Germany will suffer more

This ruling was a success for Trump, who wrote on his social network Truth: A great victory for America. He said in a radio interview that he was being honored: for future presidents, not for me. He later said this at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida The next step would be to grant immunity: no president should be indicted. The Supreme Court agreed to consider – on April 22 – the issue of presidential immunity that Trump invoked in the federal trial in Washington for his attempts to subvert the 2020 elections.

Many experts expected yesterday's decision on the 14th Amendment, but instead believe Trump will not receive immunity. but The Supreme Court's acceptance of the case would likely prevent a trial from being held in Washington before the November election.It is part of Trump's legal strategy.

He is scheduled to be confirmed as the nominee for the Republican nomination around March 12 or 19, with a majority of delegates reached. New poll by The New York Times This gives him a lead of 48% compared to 43% for Biden.who in an interview with The New Yorker He seems calm, regardless of the opinion polls, but he warns: I think he will do anything to win. If and when I win, I will compete for him.

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