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Support decree bis: What do we know about the new car reward

Cabinet approved Bis Sostegni decree, Which Prime Minister Mario Draghi called for by decree BusinessAnd the WorkAnd the HealthcareAnd the Young. The Prime Minister himself expected, in a press conference, some of the measures contained in this document that “look to the future” and “leave no one behind.” For the new round of refreshments by the state funds are provided for approximately 40 Billions From the euro.

Of these 17 are for companies and freelancers, with 370,000 more VAT numbers covered than in the past, 9 for corporate credit aid, 4 for workers and groups of residents in difficulty. To these figures must be added the 23 billion euros predicted by the Budget Law.

The Sostegni bis decree could be, as Mario Draghi pointed out, the last such actions of the year. “The best support there is Re-openingThe prime minister confirmed.

Duplicate Support Decree: Car Reward in Parliament?

The most recent changes made to the document, which are approx 100 points, Strip countsautomatic, With new incentives. However, it may not be included immediately in the text, but only after the chambers intervene.

It will be up to ParliamentIndeed, the final word on the provisions in the decree, with around 800,000 euros earmarked for any additions to the text.

Among the supply chains hardest hit by the Covid pandemic is the automobile. At Palazzo Chigi we discussed a loan listing for the new loans Incentives to Skimming Of vehicles andBuy Of the least polluting ones.

There will be no other bonus for Electric cars. The government was considering instead to pay for the A-engines petrol a diesel The last generation.

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Car Reward Renewal 2021: What it has to offer

Investments for Car reward From Bis Sostegni decree So it is added to 76 million euros Appropriated on April 23 to purchase low-emission vehicles from Class L.And motorcycles, small cars, e M 1They are cars and passenger transport up to 8 seats.

I New environmental incentives They are in fact part of a maneuver by the Ministry of Economic Development that provides for the re-programming of resources initially allocated for the year 2020 through Decree of relaunch And the Decree of August to Ecobonus Fund.