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Super Osimhen, Spalletti is still in the race

The Naples Stay running for it Scudetto. Osimene He signs the second pillar in a row, and overturnsUdinese It keeps the blues clinging to the top. Hurricane for the Nigerian striker, able to carry the team back on his shoulders and pull him to victory: the only drawback of a brilliant afternoon is that a yellow card fixed in the final will force him to miss the match withAtalanta After the break (it will also be out due to disqualification Rahmani).

Spalletti changes everything with Mertens

It was a difficult afternoon for Naplesas expected Spalletti eve. The Azzurri (on the field in their new red jersey Maradona) He did everything to complicate it, effectively giving the first half to a team Cioffi: Tidy, precise in formulation, good at avoiding blue pressure and in making concrete. Goal Deulofeu Rightly sent to rest under Naples, who ran the field without the right determination: slow, inaccurate, stunned, made Udinese take a lot of confidence. Cucumber Fabian Ruiz (Best Zelensky) and confirm 4-3-3 Spalletti this time they weren’t guessed: the Spaniard was once again ephemeral, it took a move off the bench to change the face of the game. This time, Spalletti got it right: entrance Mertens At the beginning of healing gave a turning point and fired Naples towards victory.

Typhoon Osimhen

approach Naples Was not up to the task: only two shots to the head from Coulibaly And the forgetonly then Udinese. insatiable have to On the side, the advantage inflicted by the usual immunity reduction DeulofeuSuper Parade Ospina On Pablo Maro. Reaction all in two home specialties, right of rotation forget And apply from the left Fabian On the outside, both are very close to the break-even point. It felt like a haunted afternoon Naplesbut Spalletti Pull the man who turned the game out of his hat: with Mertens In the second half, everything changed. Osimene Find a tie with a free kick Mario RoyThe same siro It nearly doubled soon after, as well forget And the Politano. But it was again Osimene (He climbed to 11 goals in the league) To turn the score with his second goal, he reached another pass By Lorenzo (He was later released due to injury.) Cioffi I tried to make up for it with BossetAnd the rainyAnd the Samardzic And the Jagalo But in the final he stayed in 10 to be sent off Pablo Maro. Spalletti deal with lead ZelenskyAnd the Diamond And the Zanolithe three of a kind touched with Mertens And the Mario Roy (He hit another pole of the season) and eventually earned three gold points. The Naples It is still running.

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