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"Stop politicizing, science should not take the votes"

“Stop politicizing, science should not take the votes”

“Enough Politics in Managing Covid”. Matteo Bassetti, director of the infectious disease clinic at San Martino Hospital in Genoa, said aloud. “Even having put their hats on some of us – says the Adnkronos salute – by some political parties is a blatant mistake, because we are free. Politicians who wanted to put their hats on some doctors should be aware, both and on the other hand – the expert warns – of that science is an undemocratic subject. We must not take votes from anyone, we must tell people what is right to do. Science, then if one party likes it, it does not matter to me. Medicine and science must be free.”

Then he explains: “I’ve never married anyone, I and I are the same. Today Bassetti loves the left before he loves the right – the infectious disease specialist notes – but my positions are always firm and on the side if one side loves me today and the other does not, then I honestly don’t care I want to please my patients, I want to please the scientific world and scientific rigor.”

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