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Sports and Inclusion, American padel stars Samson and Hassan in Rome

Sports and Inclusion, American padel stars Samson and Hassan in Rome

Milan, November 7. (Ascannews) – From November 13 to 17, the US Embassy to the Holy See and Athletica Vaticana, the official multi-sport association of the Holy See, will welcome “Sports Envoys” Andrea Sampson and Anderson Goode, American professional padel athletes, to propose A tangible experience in the name of authentic sporting values, between inclusion, brotherhood and solidarity. In addition to participating in the general audience with the Holy Father scheduled for Wednesday, November 15.

Tuesday 14 November: The “Villa Pamphili Padel Club” (via della Nocetta 107) will host meetings of Andrea and Anderson with young people with disabilities (especially those with Down Syndrome and Autism – accompanied by the association “Padelmania per il social” and by the association “We the Dolphins – Let us learn from autism “), vulnerable people welcomed by Caritas Rome, students and diplomats. The ceremony was also attended by children from the State Institute for Specialized Education for the Deaf “Magarotto” and the “21 Luglio” Association. From 4:30 p.m. for clinics and games. Wednesday, November 15: General audience with His Holiness the Pope.
Thursday 16 November: Andrea and Anderson will visit the State Institute for Specialized Education for the Deaf “Magarotto”, on the outskirts of Rome, to meet deaf students in person and dialogue together on issues of inclusion, also through a passion for sports. With clinics and demonstrations. Friday 17 November: Andrea and Anderson, together with the “21 Luglio” association, will go to the former Venelli complex in Tor Bella Monaca, a neighborhood located on the outskirts of Rome: the focus of the meeting will be, in particular, on the empowerment of young women and how sport can be A real tool for social growth for the most marginalized and vulnerable communities.
Sports Diplomacy “Sports Diplomacy” is an initiative of the US State Department: athletes and coaches from various sports federations cooperate with embassies and consulates around the world, to spread the culture of sports as an experience of solidarity inclusion in the world, especially among young people and respect for diversity. In this context, the Sports Envoy program features athletes who personally bear witness to the foundational and most authentic values ​​of sport. There are more than 300 “Sports Envoys” representing 24 different sporting disciplines, who have so far participated in this international initiative for social and cultural promotion. The US Embassy to the Holy See and Athletic Vaticana share and relaunch – with this initiative – the vision of sport proposed by Pope Francis, as a tool for building bonds of friendship and solidarity between people, in the spirit of “team” and solidarity. Ensuring that no one is excluded or left behind. In particular, padel is an inclusive sporting experience, as evidenced by participation in the Initiative for People with Physical and Intellectual Disabilities and by people hosted at Caritas reception centers in Rome. In this way, Athletica Vaticana became an official member of the International Padel Federation.
Andrea Samson Having grown up playing tennis, Andrea Samson has extensive experience in padel: she is ranked No. 5 in the US National Rankings and played for the US National Team at the World Cup in Dubai in 2022. She was selected as first choice by the Toronto Polar Beers, won the 2022 Pan American Championships representing the United States and played in the inaugural season of the Pro Padel League in 2023. She and other American players are committed to promoting the sport of padel by inspiring women to play more tournaments with the goal of achieving the same participation as men, with the goal of equality in all aspects. For seven years she was a tennis coach, and for a year she was a paddle coach. She is a volunteer with Feeding South Florida & Hermanos de La Calle, an association that helps people and families facing difficulties. She was born and raised in Asuncion, Paraguay, and lives in Miami, Florida.
Anderson is good
Anderson Goode has had a long career as a squash player and coach, having started playing padel in 2020, and thanks to his squash experience, he was immediately able to establish himself at a high level. At St. Lawrence University, Anderson explored the relationship between politics, diplomacy, and sports, particularly in his thesis for his master’s degree in political science. Experiences with international teams in college squash – at both St. Lawrence University and George Washington University, 75% of players come, in particular, from Egypt, Colombia, Kuwait, Canada, Jamaica, Pakistan and Ireland – allowed Anderson to recognize the value of the sport not only as a practice as an end in itself but also As an opportunity to achieve lofty goals through dialogue with people of different cultures and religions.

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