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Sony's Hermen Hulst talks about the future of Japan Studio, porting it to PC and crisis -

Sony’s Hermen Hulst talks about the future of Japan Studio, porting it to PC and crisis –

In an interview with GameInformer, Hermann Holst, President Playstation StudiosIn this article, he talked about many interesting topics, including the future of Studio Japan, the crisis phenomenon, and the upcoming transition of first-party titles from PS5 to PC.

As the head of PlayStation Studios, Hulst is always in touch with developers and is well-versed in the dynamics of video game development, as well as issues, such as the phenomenon of crush, which can cause mental and physical health of the employee.

“I’ve read a lot on the subject of crisis. In my opinion, it’s just a simplification of everything that needs improvement. I can easily say ‘we don’t do the crisis’ and ‘I don’t like it’. But it’s not enough,” says Holst, making it clear that the Also pay maximum attention to other problems.

“It can be stressful for a developer to be exploited as much as working long hours, working on an unclear project. Or joining a studio and feeling out of place. There are many issues that affect the well-being of a staff.” Holst adds that healthy career progression and transparency are critical to ensuring team success.

Hermann Holst

Changing the subject, Holst also talked about the titles he developed Japanese Studies And how it’s still an essential part of Sony and PlayStation.

When asked what we can expect from the restructuring of Japan Studio, which led to the merger with Team Asobi, Holst says, “We are building the Asobi team under Nicolas Doucet, so we invest a lot in this team. People sometimes forget that we have Polyphony Digital, It is a team with offices in various countries.Similarly, we are investing in the overseas development group in Tokyo and talking about a team working with From Software and Kojima Productions.The titles developed by Japanese studios are an essential part of the identity of Play Station And I don’t see how we can do without it.”

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Finally, regarding the future of PlayStation first-party titles on Steam, Hulst explains that despite the success of games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and the acquisition of Nixxes, which will power future conversions, Sony’s focus will remain on Versions PS5 And that they will continue to arrive long before their computer counterparts.