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Smartphone radiation alarm, this phone is in great danger to our health

Smartphone radiation alarm, this phone is in great danger to our health

Recently, mobile phones are considered very dangerous to human health due to the radiation emitted by them. But there is one that crossed the line.

Since its inception, cell phones have been one of the most dangerous forms of radiation exposure.

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In fact, there are not a few instances where people have started to feel bad due to the excessive use of the aforementioned cell phones. In addition to the purely psychological aspect, cell phones cause other serious problems for our physical health.

The major brands of telephony often compete among those who propose the latest and most advanced mobile phone model. Well, while they are having fun in such competition, consumers should not be deceived. This, in a nutshell, means protecting one’s health by paying attention to models that are less dangerous to ourselves. But fortunately, there are facts that take on these responsibilities and warn consumers as much as possible.

We are talking, more specifically, about German Federal Office of RadiologyGerman Federal Office for Radiation Protection. Therefore, according to this body, there is a model of a cell phone that exceeds the permissible level in terms of radiation. The platform made this discovery public AndroidCentral. Meanwhile, isolating ourselves a bit from what has been said thus far, we would like to point out two innovations that have always been associated with the world of telephony. The first is Trick to see if our contacts are lying to us on WhatsApp. While, the second is interested in A well-concealed option that runs out of jigs very quickly. Alright, after that cute arc, let’s get into the groove of the news.

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Radiation and cell phones, what is the most dangerous not to buy

The news we want to talk about has been published thanks to the website. Not everyone knows this, as we are thinking about buying the latest mobile phones, but there are rules that regulate the production of mobile phones. To be more clear, these devices should take some into account SAR values. We are talking, more specifically, about values ​​that deal with the emission of radiation via cell phones. More than iOS, it seems Android is the most dangerous in this regard. Obviously, this discovery has led to a heated debate that has affected the major brands that produce these operating systems. In short, Android phones do not meet these criteria.

but that is not all. Fortunately, he’s always up to date and that’s what he did AndroidCentral who published a study conducted by BanklessTimes. This company has done some kind of research on all the cell phones that don’t meet similar criteria. To be more clear, we are talking about a certain rule that he set Federal Communications Commission. This body, also known as the FCC, has set a radiation threshold 1.6 W / kg. But, as expected above, there is a portable model that has crossed the line. We are talking about Motorola Edge Produced in 2020. According to the German Federal Radiation Office, this device produces a SAR equal to1.79 W / kg.

Is there really a risk of being harmed?

However, to deepen the study conducted, it turns out that the SAR scale taken into account is the USA scale. In contrast to this continent, this mobile in Europe is quite regulated. The reason will soon be said: In European countries, the maximum SAR is 2 W / kg. On the other hand, there is still no concrete evidence that can attest to how such a mobile phone is capable of causing health problems in the people who own it. Anyway, as mentioned earlier, before going to buy a new mobile phone, It is always a good idea to inquire about the radiation they emit. Moreover, using the same device less often can not only benefit us psychologically, but also avoid more physical problems. The moral of the story is: Never underestimate the cell phone!

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