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Sixteen-year-old murdered, trial judge reaffirms confession |  He was obsessed with the TV series "Lucifer"

Sixteen-year-old murdered, trial judge reaffirms confession | He was obsessed with the TV series “Lucifer”

The young man became obsessed with the TV series and confessed to the military when he talked about his “ghosts”. The 16-year-old was found dead, with multiple stab wounds, and disappeared from his home in Monteveclio on Monday afternoon, Sunday morning.

The culprit who confessed precisely about “ghosts” spoke in front of investigators, and the same ghosts began to emerge even in sessions with the psychologist who followed him. On the side of the interrogator, before the judge, the lawyer Thanja Fonsari, Said before entering with his client: “He will answer questions, explain his version, and then a judge will decide. He is a trembling, agitated boy who knows what happened. Certainly not. “

Reconstruction Ambassador It speaks of a confused young man who felt isolated, withdrawn, and angry with others. Second Republic, His peers describe him as a quiet type, with a “bully” attitude but not violent. That’s weird. “I would have wanted the monster to kill me, I would have wanted to die – Grandma said, according to the newspaper report – I would have thrown myself into the fire for him. He started a journey with the psychologist. Recently he had some outbursts of anger, but he never hurt anyone. I do not know what happened. She did not talk about the demons in the house, but she wanted to deepen this conversation with the psychologist I know, but she did not do it in time. “

Report Courier della seraInstead, a few days before the tragedy, the young man told a relative: “On Sunday I will kill a woman.” The Bologna Juvenile Lawyer’s Office, headed by Sylvia Marzochi, is considering arranging mental health counseling for youth. “Excuse everyone openly. The victim’s family deserves grief and intimacy. The boy’s family is being destroyed,” the boy’s lawyer said.

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Sierra’s family lawyer: “Killer’s inhumane outrage” – For his part, attorney Giovanni Angiata, advocate for the family of Sierra Gualsetti, defined crime as “inhumane” and “outrageous” is a prerequisite for an element that is not subject to underestimation, to define whether its conduct is premeditated and premeditated in all its premeditated and premeditated manner. An outrageous act of reading and growing up “. Also, according to the prosecutor, the killer “is not crazy. A clear person emerges to cancel the chats because nothing has happened since the reconstruction”.