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Ships change course after “always given” accident | – News

Status: 26.03.2021 1:40 p.m.

After an accident on the Suez Canal, the first ships change their course around the southern tip of Africa. Hamburg-based shipping company Habuk-Lloyd is currently planning to ship its ships around the Cape of Good Hope.

Six Habuk-Lloyd ships are currently stranded in front of or in the middle of the Suez Canal. Including the 360-meter-long cargo “New York Express” to be anchored in the middle of the canal on Great Bitter Lake. Dozens of ships that needed a few more days to reach the Suez Canal are now making the long detour around Africa. One of them is the sister ship of “Ever Crete”, “Ever Given”, which blocks the canal. “Ever Creed” was due in Hamburg in mid-April. Due to the approximately 7,000-kilometer route around South Africa, the schedule is expected to be postponed for 10 to 15 days.

Many tankers have already changed their routes in the middle of the Indian Ocean or Atlantic. It is not clear when the Suez Canal will open. A representative of the Dutch rescue company on site talks about the days or weeks.

Audio: Suez Canal Accident: First Ships Diversion (1 min)

Effects on the port of Hamburg

The crash will also affect the port of Hamburg, leading to less handling in the week leading up to Easter. The port industry fears that if the canal is blocked for too long, industrial activities will have to be temporarily closed. More than 150 ships have been affected and schedules are being mixed on the main trade route from Europe to Southeast Asia. The mega-container ship “Ever Given”, stranded on the Suez Canal, was originally scheduled to be moored on April 8 in Hamburg.

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Additional layers are probably necessary

Angela Ditzrath, president of the port operator HHLA, hopes the canal will not be disrupted for long. However, he acknowledged that many ships have been out of order since the beginning of this year. Gunder Bones, president of the Hamburg Port Association, says additional changes may be needed to ease traffic congestion.

Do not enter European ports?

According to NDR 90.3, there is already debate at the EU level over whether to refuse to call a ship in a port in Europe in the future. The main reason: this is the second time that “always given” has been broken by technical issues. In 2019 he clashed with the “Planknes” panty.

The ship is unable to maneuver

Built in 2018, “Ever Given” is 400 meters long and 59 meters wide. It sails under the Panamanian flag and is managed by a subsidiary of the Hamburg shipping company Bernhard Schulte. The ship was caught in a sandstorm on the night of March 24 in the Suez Canal Definitely turn off and run Account. It was coming from China and going to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Satellite image from March 25, 2021 shows cargo ship "MV was always given"It ran into the Suez Canal and then blocked the important shipping lanes between Asia and Europe.  © dpa-Bildfunk

Audio: After the accident: The Suez Canal may still be tight for weeks (4 minutes)

More info

A cargo ship ran aground on the Suez Canal.  © Image Alliance / dpa / Suez Canal Authority / A photo: Suez Canal Authority

Container company “Ever Given” is stuck in the Suez Canal – which also has an impact on the port of Hamburg. (25.03.2021) More

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