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Scratch cards, €1 million won between Oristano and Tramazza


Two Subran wins for a total of one million euros in the Oristano region.

The first part of October was very lucky for Sardinia, as it hit the jackpot Scratch and win With prizes that can truly change your life.

The first one got it right OristanoAccording to what was reported by Agimeg: The lucky player purchased a scratch card from the series “500 Special”: With a cost of 5 euros he obtained the maximum profit of 500 thousand euros.

Same win A Tramazza. Scratch card purchased here “the star”In this case, it also costs five euros, and the same maximum winnings, Half a million for the lucky player.

In short, within a few days, one million euros were won in the Oristano area. Agimage explains that collecting such high-profile prizes is complicated: winnings exceeding €10,000 actually require paying the coupon.Submitted or sent (at the owner’s risk) to the National Lottery Prizes Office at Viale del Campo Boario 56D in Rome; Alternatively, it is submitted to Branches of Banca Intesa San Paolowhich collects the ticket, forwards it, and issues a receipt to the player.
Funds can be collected by cashier’s cheque, wire or postal transfer. Furthermore, as of March 1, 2020, prizes exceeding €500 are expected to be withdrawn 20% deduction To the part exceeding 500 euros. The two lucky winners, basically, Each of them will earn about 400 thousand euros.

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