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Saviano Attacks Again, Don Vincenzo De Luca Manipulates – Politics

Roberto Saviano returns to the attack.
And this time, too, the governor of Campania ends up in plain sight. After the Ravello Festival and its elimination, according to him, by Vincenzo de Luca, this time the Salerno Literary Event poses. Above all, the book was presented, next June 25, by Roberto de Luca, the son of the governor.
On his Twitter profile, Saviano De Luca Jr. identifies as a “Great Scientist” the son of Sergeant De Luca. But it goes much further than that. The question – he says in a video on Twitter – who participates in these festivals in Campania, how do you feel about accepting the request to participate knowing that the regional presidency manipulates, decides and imposes through its men and obliges participation? . And again: “Do you feel safe knowing that in the Campania region there is control over access to festivals and public debates? Because Don Vincenzo decides who participates and who does not. Anyone can participate, journalists and musicians, as long as there is no criticism of his policies. How do you feel about Going to a festival where they present their son’s book?”

Following accusations by Saviano of political interference at the Ravello Festival, President Antonio Scorati resigned a few days ago. De Luca, for his part, took part in the presentation of the book of the city of Naples, commenting as follows: “I have glanced at your programmes, which you have obviously decided freely and completely, as always and for all, after some form of cialtroneria, in connection with which We have no time to waste nor are we willing to advertise it for free. It even goes beyond some acts of political stupidity and institutional rudeness.”

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Obvious, in the evening, the reply from Salerno Letteratura who says in Saviano: “No one is manipulating us.” “The Salerno Festival of Literature is a glass house that has not been manipulated by anyone – confirms Ines Maineri, creator of the event running in Salerno until Saturday 26 June – we have been promoted by a legally recognized association, they have no purpose of profit and we are from Among the few events in which we finance ourselves with special auspices. And to be fair, it is fair to remember that in nine years Salerno Litratura has hosted more than a thousand Italian and international authors. And it is also fair to emphasize that there are no “men”, but men and women who work, Even for free, with passion and dedication to creating a date that over time has managed to conquer the national spotlight, including an increasingly large audience. This is and always will be a festival open to all, free and unconditionally. Our accounts and associated public funding have always been available to anyone who wants to examine them.”