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Sala: “San Siro will cost a million a year for 90 years. If they leave I will sell them”

Sala: “San Siro will cost a million a year for 90 years. If they leave I will sell them”

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Milan Mayor Beppe Sala returned to talk about the future of San Siro

In an interview with the newspaper Corriere della Sera, Beppe Sala, the mayor of Milan, returned to talking about the future of San Siro and the possibility of Inter and Milan building their own stadium outside the ordinary. Here are his statements:

In this long story there are two stages: First, when the teams come to me and say they want a new stadium, they show me a thousand projects for a new stadium. They told me that the only possibility, since there was room there, was to do it in the San Siro area, and thus demolish the San Siro to create a new facility. This phase continued until, at a certain point, and here there was a change in direction between the teams, they saw that the San Siro was being restricted and in fact, now, it was acknowledged that the restriction existed and would remain in place, and that with the referendum and the opposition of many citizens it was difficult to do this. From there they start leaving Milan. Why did he insist on San Siro? I don't want to do the math in the teams' pockets, but building a new, serious, important stadium costs at least 1.2 billion. I tell them: Why don't you think about San Siro, which has a presence and history? Since we own it for 100 million with a sketchy right that I can give for 90 years, that means they will have to give me 1 million a year, with completely different numbers.”

“When the discussion about revamping the San Siro reopened, my inbox was flooded with emails from people wanting to save the San Siro. Having said that, it is clear that if the work cannot be done while playing, then they are right on the teams, which are not You can go three years without a stadium. But, if you can, my invitation is to think about it. It is not easy today to build a stadium in a highly urbanized area: there is environmental opposition, traffic difficulties. “It is legitimate for teams to look at the possibility of finding another stadium, because They benefit from it too. For my part, it is my duty to defend him, also because if they leave, what will I do at San Siro? I'll have to find a solution and put it up for sale, knowing that the teams have guaranteed to stay until June 30, 2030, which is a very long way off it seems, but given the administrative complexities, it's up to a certain point.“.

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