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Bloccati i pagamenti dei russi, caos anche in Italia

Russian payments were blocked, and chaos in Italy

Long Code The number of passengers has increased today at the check outs of several subway stations E Because Volume Payment through digital methods Apple Bay And PayPal Commonly used by many travelers. Users could not use these settings because they are managed by the bank VtbOne of them Struck From international sanctions. Thus many passengers had to stand in line at the counters and buy tickets. The metro is the most efficient transportation system in the Russian capital and is used by millions of passengers.

Sanctions against Russia: Echoes and testimonies from Milan

This is one of the consequences Exclude Russia from the Swift system. The consequences will be severe for many citizens of the country at this time In Europe and Italy. This sense came from the first testimonies Milan, Where Fashion Week takes place. The capital of Lombard offers many tourists (always very wealthy) during this period, who come to the metropolis from the east and enjoy the fashion taste of the city, even more so during this period.

However, even for them it is not possible to buy in stores in the city center: in fact, once they come to the cashier to pay, Russian tourists can not use their own. Credit or debit cards Made by credit companies expelled from Swift system And operating within certain financial circles affected Sanctions were imposed on Moscow From the western states. And not at all, because the choice is according to a hard fist towards Vladimir Putin This will bring other problems to the United States and the European Union, perhaps more serious than this.

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Reports by Professor Angelo Paglioni

As confirmed by Professor Angelo Paglioni – Full Professor Political economy Director of the Monetary Observatory at the Catholic University of Milan and a member of the steering and science team at the Milan Monetary Analysis Laboratory – in a series of recent interviews on the subject. His words about the fear that Italy should have in this situation are:

“We take into account that we have one Exporting goods to Russia It has been rated about these days 7 billion euros a yearIn this sense it would be a barrier because there would be a travel charge every time goods were shipped from Italy to Russia. Via Swift. This is not a factual, supportive or competitive concept.

But Paglioni also spoke Incoming products From Russia in our territory: “Then there is the import that we make from them Energy and Raw MaterialsAnd this too will be hampered by the technical reality of the payment messages but blocking gas exports may be a move Political revenge The Moscow government can act in response to Western sanctions. ”