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Royal Enfield and thrilling racer Lee Powers sign official partnership for 2022 - News

Royal Enfield and thrilling racer Lee Powers sign official partnership for 2022 – News

Royal Enfield e Lee Powers For 2022 they announced a new partnership that sees the stunt racer embracing the world and the Royal Enfield community: Powers is one of the world’s most popular stunt and skill stunt riders, and is proud to collaborate with groups Top Gear, James Bond, Mission Impossible and Kingsman, as well as a Guinness World Record entry. They have won the record number of times and won countless freestyle titles in the UK and Europe. And European, especially Japanese sports cycling.

Choosing to collaborate with Royal Enfield also led to the creation of fleet of motorbikes Born from a dedicated team of Royal Enfield Technology Center in the UK with a team Harris’ performance.

“Royal Enfield gave me a challenge that was virtually impossible to resist.” Powers saidTogether, designing and building an unprecedented and unparalleled stunt bike! Royal Enfield offers a prestige like no other. British traditions And above all, an exceptional set of basic models. Harris Performance, with whom I have had a wonderful partnership since 2007, brings his wealth of skills as a builder, and then there I am, with my experience and Specialized stunt skills: I knew right away that it would be a great collaboration! “

Fleet provides Three motorbikesall born from Royal Enfield’s stock models, first and foremost free bike free born fromInterceptor 650 But it has been radically customized by Harris Performance through a series of substantial tweaks that give a good idea of ​​just how precise and fine-tuned the freestyle bikes can be:

● Modified Royal Enfield seat, side panels and front shocks
● Modified Royal Enfield fuel tank, enhanced with Lee Bowers specifications
● Clearly painted frame, T45 tubing and all bronze welded connections, custom by Harris
● Front engine cradle machined from solid aluminum, customized by Harris
● Saddle subframe, stunt cages, footrest assemblies and oversized stunt pegs, made to order by Harris
● Stainless steel racing exhaust system, custom made by Harris
● Harris Custom Clamp Triple Clamp and Handlebar Lifter Kit
● Harris made steel swingarm with reinforcing truss and 2:1 joint
● Solid forged chain log specially designed by Harris
● Harris custom-made aluminum front fender mount and Harris branded flush-mounted fuel cap
● Öhlins inverted fork, reinforced base struts and Öhlins TTX rear shocks
● GPR Rotary Steering Retarder
● Dymag forged rims with block-type flexible coupling
● Maxxis 180 section rear tire and 120 Michelin front tire
● Dual Brembo 320mm front and 260mm rear Brembo brake discs with Brembo Stylema dual radial front calipers
● Custom Harris-mounted Brembo Stylema dual radial rear tongs
● Brembo 19×18 . Front Brake Pump
● 19×20 steering wheel mounted rear brake pump connected via dual circuit with pedal control
● HEL . Braided Brake Hoses
● Renthal Carmichael high handles and Renthal knobs
● Rental 520 Tsubaki Gear, Crown and Chain
● Easy to pull RSC clutch lever
● Setrab 13-row oil radiators and Spal cooling fans
● Super B lithium battery and KOSO EX-03 digital instrument cluster

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to me The second bike It was decided to modify one according to Bowers’ requests Continental GT to convert it to one drift bike Trying to keep as many standard components of a regular bike as possible to preserve as much of the base model’s aesthetic integrity as possible. Among the interventions tank With custom reinforcements, rear brake support and Harris-made chain tuning, 2 in 1 S&S Racing Exhaust SystemCustom signed Harris tumbler cages, oversized rear tire Maxxis and 180Easy Pull RSC clutch lever, Rental 520 gear, crown and characteristic aluminum swingarmalso signed by Harris, from 200 mm longer compared to the standard.

Complete the fleet from one trick Himalayasturned into choreographyHimalayan Fire Bikecomplete with side flamethrowerfireworks and smoke machine mounted on the front luggage rack: For those who thought 24 horsepower was a little low for a stunt bike, the bike is definitely Inventory And modify it only in the … fireworks section.

“I’ve always searched new challengesWith a desire to push my creativity in new directions,” Powers added to me, “I’ve been a professional stuntman for many years now, so I know that through commitment and training I can work with just about any sport bike; But now, being able to do something completely new with a famous brand like Royal Enfield, with which I have always been associated with Classic retro models with small displacement and single-cylinder enginesIt was an incredibly exciting experience for me, both personally and professionally. It is an honor to be able to work closely with Harris Performance and Royal Enfield – we are about to embark on a beautiful journey together knowing we will be able to achieve something truly special.” This new partnership will create endless opportunities for all of us and I can’t wait to take these amazing bikes around the world to show what Royal Enfield Motorcycles can do! “

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Adrian SellersThe Head of the Royal Enfield Custom Program comments: “Royal Enfield has a very strong custom culture, which we are proud of – as a brand – we want to further develop it. When we talk about customization, we don’t just think about aesthetics: we want to push the functionality of our bikes to the limit. A great example is the Twins FT Flat Track who won the DTRA Championship.By the way, this is the first bike he saw for me while visiting a Harris performance which sparked the idea of ​​creating a Royal Enfield Twin 650 stunt bike.These exciting bikes represent another chapter in our history and a challenge we faced with great joy.No The result can be more satisfying: a A combination of functional changes and excellent craft interventions Only the Harris Performance Team can deliver. Once again, it has worked its magic, and for all of us, setting out on this new adventure and discovering how far we will be able to trace the new frontiers of the brand together.”