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Roma will go to the Champions League if Atalanta does not win

Roma will go to the Champions League if Atalanta does not win

the Champions It’s beyond that, but still possible. defeat Bologna In anchors vs GenoaHowever, it leaves only one hope Rome: thatAtalanta He did not win any of the remaining two matches against Turin Sunday and against Fiorentina On June 2 recovery. The match between is irrelevant (for the Giallorossi, not for the Bianconeri). Juventus H Monza. Above all, Roma will not be able to get a positive verdict this weekend. If Atalanta wins over Torino. From Russian Says goodbye to the Champions League. If Atalanta loses or draws, Roma will have to wait until June 2nd.

Italy competes between 5 and 6 teams in the Champions League

As is known, Atalanta is qualified by right for next year’s Champions League, but if it finishes the season among the top four, this does not make room for Italy, which will therefore play 5 teams (4 on the right, 5th with additional place) as a bonus for the UEFA seasonal classification. for football). If instead Gasperini If 5th place remains, Italy will have 6 teams (the top 4 in the tournament, holders AtalantaEuropean LeagueRoma with an additional place in the standings).

Points game, direct confrontations and separate classifications

Bologna finished the tournament with 68 points. Atalanta has 66 points: if they win, they overtake them in the standings and enter the top four. Gasperini’s team can only stay in fifth place if they no longer win and have a maximum of two draws: in the event of finishing on par with Bologna, they will be behind the direct clashes. On the other hand, if Atalanta wins its two matches, it will definitely finish third.

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Juventus’ path now has nothing to do with Roma

And the Juventus? Until yesterday, the Bianconeri’s success against Monza was also important for Roma, to keep Atalanta at a distance. Now, paradoxically, there is no longer a need for that: if Juventus loses and remains in 68th place, the three-way ranking puts Bologna, Juventus and Atalanta in third, fourth and fifth place.

Juventus are only playing for themselves at this stage: if they win or draw with Monza, they will pull away from Bologna, win at least the last fourth place, and then will have to wait for the match between Atalanta and Fiorentina to see whether they finish third or fourth. . If the Bianconeri lose to Monza, they will finish fourth or fifth depending on Atalanta’s results. Juventus tied twice with Bologna and twice with Atalanta, but loses on goal difference in the event of a draw between the two teams.

The match between Atalanta and Fiorentina could become a friendly match

It is unlikely that the recovery from the championship match between Atalanta and Fiorentina, scheduled for June 2, will have any significant impact on the two teams. Atalanta are already confident of qualifying for the next Champions League and will only play for a better final position in the league. If Fiorentina win the conference league final against Olympiacos on May 29 in Athens, they will be certain to play in the next Europa League and will have no further goals. But there is a second scenario, which could arise if Lazio loses at home to Sassuolo, who have already been relegated, on Sunday evening and three days later the Italian team loses in Greece. In this case, with the success in Bergamo, on June 2, Fiorentina will appear in the standings with FC Lotito with 60 points, with which they have the advantage in direct matches. It was therefore the Viola that finished seventh and participated in the Europa League, sending Lazio to the conference.

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