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Silvia Tovanen, background on her past: 'She was waiting for me in the parking lot'

Silvia Tovanen, background on her past: ‘She was waiting for me in the parking lot’

Silvia Tovanen, the historical face of “Verissimo”, is today one of Mediaset’s most successful bandleaders, and in fact, over the years her audience has really loved her. However, his adolescence was not always easy.

After making herself know how Minuscule From “positive word”, The program in which she participated with Ilari Blasi and Alicia Mancini, Silvia Tofanin quickly entered the hearts of Italians thanks to very right, The program he still runs today.

I have seen Success Women got it in terms of Listen, Recently the announcer was assigned two broadcast dates: the “usual” of Saturday afternoon so from Sunday, which replaced “Dominica Live” by Barbara Dorso.

in recent interview, However, the presenter said that living the life she wanted wasn’t always easy, especially for Extreme jealousy of the father.

Silvia Tovanen: recognition of the man who …

Silvia Tovanen never denied her existence He suffered a lot for his mother’s disappearancewhich occurred at the end of 2020 due to a woman’s congenital tumor.

The two were very close, like two sisters They captured everything. Different, however, is The host’s relationship with her father.

In a recent interview with Grazia, in fact, the woman explained that Jealous From the man who brought her into the world didn’t always make things easy.

first likes? I would say nothing, with My father is jealous. It was customary in the village to say boys, groups, intercom ‘get down’. My father answered, and each time: “Sylvia is not there.” I was not allowed to go out.

The woman said, adding that on the rare times she was allowed to go to the disco Accompany her personally.

He was waiting for me in the car in the parking lot. No need to tell him to go home and come pick me up. It didn’t move from there.

Sylvia admitted, who is still grateful for sacrifices What the parents did for her.

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