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Relations between Romania and Ukraine – limes

Relations between Romania and Ukraine – limes

Laura Canali Charter – 2022

The armed conflict has reinvigorated Bucharest’s interest in two issues: the protection of Romanian-speakers in Bucovina and the creation of a NATO/EU integrated buffer state. Disagreements with Kyiv regarding Bistro Canal. The only solution for Moldova.

Before the Russian invasion, none of Romania’s neighbors were ignored By Romanian politicians and public opinion more than Ukraine. As for the country with which Romania boasts the longest border among NATO countries (650 km), it was a practically non-existent issue. People did not go there, trade was and remains low. In terms of political or geopolitical affairs, the Ukrainian issue did not appear in any final debate among the presidential candidates in Romania. With rare exceptions, Ukraine was considered a topic of little interest.

The Ukraine issue came into focus during Romania’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).. In preparation for the 1997 Madrid summit that ordered NATO’s first eastward expansion, Bucharest was pressured to sign a reconciliation agreement with Kiev. Thus, Romania signed the Treaty of Good Neighborly Relations and Cooperation with Ukraine on June 2, 1997 in Costanza.

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