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Raoul Bova, caught with the mother of his children (who is not Rocio): family reunion

Raoul Bova, caught with the mother of his children (who is not Rocio): family reunion

Raoul Bova and Chiara Giordano –

Raoul Bova is one of the most beloved actors in Italian entertainment, the merit not only in his charm, but also in his innate talent in front of the cameras. These days he’s been seen with another woman and it’s not about Rocío Muñoz Morales. She is Chiara Giordano, or Ex-Wife. What is going on? Let’s go find out.

Raoul Bova was born in Rome on August 14, 1971, and has devoted part of his life to swimming. In fact, at the age of 16 he became the local champion in the 100-meter backstroke and carried that passion forward to the point of making feature films focusing on the sport. Debuted on television in the title role in the movie A little big love 1993. In his curriculum There is also cooperation with American film groups: under the scorching sunAnd the Aliens vs. Predators And the the tourist.

As for private life in 2013 on the set immature – flight He met actress Rocío Morales, who made him the father of two beautiful girls: Luna and Alma. In fact, the actor had Alessandro Leone and Francesco who Claire JordanThat is, the first wife. These days they are seen together This did nothing but pique the curiosity of the masses. Here is the reason for their meeting.

An important moment for the former spouses

Chiara Giordano married the beautiful actress in 2000 and after 13 years of love they decided to separate. He immediately went out with Rocio while she later found love again. right Now She is romantically linked to dancer and choreographer Andrea EvangelistaWho was known thanks to her passion for dance, which the woman decided to cultivate after dedicating herself body and soul to her children.

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Alessandro Leone graduated -
Alessandro Leone –

“I’m proud of you”

She simply met her ex-husband Because the eldest son Alessandro Leon graduated. “You have reached a great milestone. I am proud of you.”This is what the father wrote on social media. Chiara Giordano did the same by simply writing “Best Christmas Gift”.

After discussing the dissertation, the boy celebrated with friends and relatives in a famous restaurant in the Lombard capital, Restaurant Chef Philip Lamantia. Many stories have been shared about Instagram Chiara Giordano wore a white blazer and shirt, while Bova opted for the elegant black one with a leather jacket. Fortunately, the party went well. And then the former spouses returned to their partners.