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Raimundo Todaro suggests to his “immodest” colleague: “After that we go to…” |  All in front of Touka

Raimundo Todaro suggests to his “immodest” colleague: “After that we go to…” | All in front of Touka

Francesca Tocca and Raimundo Todaro –

Raimundo Todaro frankly told his colleague everything in front of Francesca Tocca, creating a heated situation.

Raymondo Todaro He is one of the most talented dancers the Italian entertainment world has ever seen. It’s a real one Dance professionalSo much so that in recent years he has become one of its most famous teachers.

Today, in fact, he is known above all for being among the dance masters of “Amici“, the well-known program Mediaset Which aims to introduce young talents to the world of entertainment, especially in the field of singing and dancing.

For several years he was instead a professional dancer for “Dancing with the stars“, the program opinion Which allows celebrities to compete with each other in dancing, accompanied by dance professionals, such as Raimundo Todaro.

In short, there’s a lot of dancing in his life, and that’s exactly what’s gotten him into it lately Talk colorfully with a colleague. All under the watchful eye of his wife, Francesca Tocca.

Colorful discussion with the professor

It all happened inAmici“, the program in which Raimundo Todaro has been a teacher for several years now and in which he guides young talents towards the world of dance. Specifically during the live evening broadcast of his broadcast A heated confrontation with one of his colleagues.

The person in question is Emmanuel Louthe second teacher of “Amici” who is the same teacher as Raimundo Todaro Alessandra CelentanoIt should guide young dancers into the world of dance. Through discussion with him, Raimundo gave Todaro life A lively scene involving the dancers Giovanni and Nicholas Leaving everyone speechless at the same time. But that’s what happened.

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Raimundo Todaro and Emmanuel Lo
Raimundo Todaro and Emmanuel Lo – (Instagram photo)

Raimundo Todaro’s harsh rebuke

It all happened when he was Emmanuel Lo, the dance teacher Nicholas, The gauntlet has been thrown down Giovannia disciple of Raimundo Todaro, led the dancers into clashing dance beats.

However, the challenge also prompted the two teachers to challenge each other, but not with dance steps, but with words, as there was a colorful clash. All this because according to Raimundo Todaro, the dance teacher is the same Interfering in the private lives of dancersWhich led them to argue. These are actually the words with which Raimundo Todaro expressed his disappointment about the matter. “I come from dance sports and in sports, when you have competition, you have to do everything to beat the other person. Then, after the race, we shake hands and go for pizza. It was you who then said to Nicholas: “Be careful, he is not a friend!” But mind your own business and leave the kids alone!