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“He is only able to…”

“He is only able to…”

There is stormy weather at GfVip! This time Biagio’s ex-girlfriend Manuela decided to send a message via letter to Mirjana Trevisan, only to warn her about Biagio’s intentions.

The courtship between Biagio Daniele and Mirjana Trevisan during the sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip has been the subject of much discussion. After the affair with Nicolas Besso, the former showgirl of Non è la Rai throws herself into the arms of the charismatic and Machiavellian Biagio.

He divided the audience into two parts: there are those who support the spouses and those who believe that all this is a tactic to gain more fame. In Di Più weekly, Manuela Ferreira – the ex-girlfriend of Biagio Daniele who was seen last year aboard the Isola dei Famosi – wanted to write a letter to Miriana Trevisan to warn her.

Manuela Ferreira, 37, is a model and television commentator. She was a meteor on Tg4, a longtime Tiki Taka participant, and was placed without a hijab on the For Men calendar. In the gossip columns, she is best known for courting Cristiano Ronaldo and her relationship with Gonzalo Higuain. He recently confirmed that he had also received some advances from Paolo Brusio and rejected it.

Ferreira, who was linked to Biagio for about a year in 2011, urged Bago’s ex-wife not to trust Daniele, who would be a liar and a traitor, capable of only loving himself.

And Manuela admitted that Biagio used to invite many women he met thanks to his bad reputation on social media, to the parties he organized, and she was betrayed at one of these parties in front of everyone.

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During one of these events in which Manuela was present, the fateful event occurred:

“I fell asleep on the sofa. When I woke up, I found Biagio kissing one of his guests”

Ferreira said in her letter. After this episode, the young woman left the house she shared with D’Anelli.
Manuela Ferreira then revealed that Biagio began cohabiting with the blonde who had betrayed him. A bad blow to the model who strongly believed in her relationship with the 38-year-old. Over time, the two tried to maintain the friendship but failed.
Hence Manuela Ferreira’s warning to Mirjana Trevisan:

“He is not the right man for any of us. He is the right man for himself, because he could never love. Instead, he was always so capable of betrayal”

According to Manuela, Mirjana had to give another chance to Nicola Besso, who, in her opinion, is a better person than Biagio.

Then the ex-girlfriend wanted to conclude her letter with another warning to Trevisan:

“You should know that Biagio is the man who made all the women he was with suffer, and if you decide to continue dating him sooner or later he will suffer for you too. Leave him”