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Caspido, Nordeo in Parliament.  Balboni: ‘By going to prison, the Democratic Party opens a loophole for the Mafia’.  Chaos in the Classroom – Politics

Caspido, Nordeo in Parliament. Balboni: ‘By going to prison, the Democratic Party opens a loophole for the Mafia’. Chaos in the Classroom – Politics

Heated debate in the House and Senate chambers with the opposition continuing to demand Doncelli and Delmastro’s resignation. Fresh fighting in the room after Balboni’s (Fdi) announcements.“Doncelli’s claims about the connection between the Mafia and terrorism are obvious to any person where Caspido is a lecturer. Does anyone doubt that the Mafia infiltrated a breach you helped open? By going to prison you opened it. A crack for the Mafia”. Fdi Senator Alberto Balboni made this known in the Senate Chamber after Nordeo’s conference. The opposition asked for the senator’s attacks on the center-left to be censored, but faced with President La Russa’s demand that everyone be able to intervene, they stood up to leave the room.

41 Bis’s company was never questioned. said the minister Carlo Nordio presented his information first to the Chamber and then to the Senate In the case of Alfredo Caspito. “There is no possibility of changing this law“. “We do not stand behind the Rome judiciary, we wash our hands, we only respond to the results of the prosecutor’s investigation, but procedural limits must be respected”. Justice Minister Carlo Nordio said this in relation to the case that arose out of yesterday’s intervention in the Chamber by the copy of FdI Doncelli. The minister added that he would report “at the appropriate forums, including here” once the investigation into what happened was completed and handed over to his cabinet chief.

Investigation revealed that Alfredo Cospito is in 41 bis “The detainee has demonstrated that he can communicate with the outside world despite his continued detention.”. The Chief Justice said. “Legal position of Caspito detainee is complex”, recalling that judicial officer’s opinion is necessary for repeal of 41PI.

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In Caspido’s 41 bis “The prevailing view is that the Minister cannot pronounce himself before obtaining the opinions of the competent judicial authorities”. He said precisely.

Caspito, can Minister Nordeo cancel 41 bis? ‘Yes’, legal remedy only’

“Turin PG communicated it to us over the phone He cannot send his comment today and cannot send it tomorrowToday I am unable to answer the question on the request made to the ministry by the defense of Alfredo Caspido to cancel the 41PI,” said the minister. In fact, the ministry is waiting for the lawyer’s comments on the merits against it. Caspido and DNA.

If Kaspido’s “sanitary condition” ends up being a conditioning in release, we open the dam to the continued pressures of “same condition” prisoners.
The minister said about the Caspito case. “A prisoner’s health cannot be an element of pressure” On the government, the minister added. 41 PS,

41 All acts which prisoners may refer to under s. 41 PC are sensitive in their nature. That is why pre-validation is required for the purposes of a presentationNordeo added. “However, starting from this data, there are several aspects that deserve further investigation: to see what kind of documents they handle, to what extent they keep them confidential, who can have knowledge about them. The recipient can disclose them and share them with third parties” .

Applause from the right in the living room Justice Minister Carlo Nordio said a prisoner’s health cannot be used to put pressure on the government.

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Discussion. Head of P.T Deborah Cerachiani He reiterated in the living room Request to Justice Minister Carlo Nordio to immediately revoke the powers of Justice Undersecretary Andrea Delmastro “He himself admitted as an angel that he gave FTI deputy Giovanni Doncelli a secret wiretape of prison talks between anarchist Andrea Caspito and two mafia bosses. We will file a resolution of censure against Delmastro.” Very serious. It affects investigations and trials in prison,” Serrachiani declares, while Democrats in the room give him a standing ovation.I’m so sorry Georgia Meloni pretended nothing happened. Yesterday’s events in this chamber were serious, if he did not feel the need to intervene, it means that he accepted or tolerated what happened yesterday” assures Giovanni Doncelli after the accusations of Serracciani (FdI) ) in the Cospito case Dems v Montecitorio Chamber “The relations between the majority and the opposition have been undermined “.” “The Democratic Party never questioned 41 bis,” says the leader of the Democratic Party, “but we went to see Kaspido for “humanitarian reasons” because the prisoner had been on hunger strike for more than 100 days.

“Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio” is a minister who does not take proper responsibility for the nature of this information, a minister who cannot save himself from being mentioned in the matter by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office. The supervisory duties on this information heritage will not fail, as there is now an investigation at the Rome Prosecutor’s Office”. The leader of the M5S Joseph Conte Thus responding to the question why the movement accused Justice Minister Carlo Nordio of “denial” in relation to the secret wiretapping revealed yesterday in the Chamber of the FdI vice-president Giovanni Donzelli. “M5S presents a resolution of censure against the demand for the immediate dismissal of Undersecretary Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedov”. He declares it M5S leader Giuseppe Conte.

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“Minister, you don’t have the authority and the political strength to do the only thing you should do: call Undersecretary Delmastro to resign and consider resigning.” This was reported by the M5s senator, Roberto Scarpinato iHe was speaking after Minister Nordeo’s communications on the Caspito affair and the Delmastro-Tancelli affair in the Senate Chamber.