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Print on trade, health and climate with our partners

Print on trade, health and climate with our partners

(Teleforza) – “A great meeting between friends and associates”. He therefore defined the meeting with the President of the United States, Joe Biden, President of the European Commission, Ursula van der Leyen.

The first point touched by the European President was the settlement of the controversy Airbus-Boeing: “The deal we have just discovered opens a new chapter in our relationship as we move from lawsuits to cooperation on flights”. “The Business And bilateral investments between the EU and the United States are unparalleled. Despite the epidemic, trade between the EU and the United States is estimated to be worth nearly $ 1 trillion by 2020. To protect it, we discussed the need to adapt to a more competitive and diversified global environment, “he said. EU-US Business and Technology Council. Van der Leyen explained that this would be a forum for “collaborating and integrating global technology issues.” The first department in which the partnership operates Semiconductors: “You know that these are an important component of many industries with significant supply constraints. Here it is very valuable to work together and improve the situation.”

“The second topic I would like to mention in this context of global trade is the discussion we discussed Taxation International We highly commend the leadership of President Biden for the honesty of the institutions – he continued – with this proposal of the first and second pillars. Together we mark the creation of the latest agreement at the level of G7 finance ministers. We fully support the OECD process. “Our plan is impartial and will not lead to double taxation. We clarified and discussed it as soon as the first pillar of the OECD agreement came into force,” he added.

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The meeting with the US President also focused on the joint efforts to prevent it International spread Covid wrote – “This is a common priority” – for this purpose a EU-US Vaccine Task Force: “This will help diagnose and resolve issues related to the production of vaccines or therapies if there are disruptions in supply chains and other issues.”

Adequate space was devoted to the meeting Lotta Al Change Climate: “We are creating one EU-US High Level Climate Action Group. The main goal is to work together at the speed created by the Earth Summit and together Diplomacy Climate“.” If we want to fight climate change, if we want to succeed, we need innovation and technology. I welcome the fact that I am committed to doing a job for thisAtlantic Alliance for Green Technologies“Finally, one last note went to the need to apply for one Global CO2 prices. “I explained the logic of our carbon demarcation mechanism,” the EU leader said, underscoring the urgent need for WTO reform based on the environmental agenda.