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Pre-installed apps dominate: are they an abuse of power by Apple and Google?  (picture)

Pre-installed apps dominate: are they an abuse of power by Apple and Google? (picture)

Vincenzo Ronca

an Apple e The Google They are the creators of the two leading operating systems for mobile devices, iOS e Android these two dominate all over the world. On these software platforms, we obviously find many types of a programMany of them are developed by Apple and Google themselves.

Comscore achieved file fun study About the prevalence of pre-installed applications, that is, those developed primarily by Apple and Google, on iOS and Android. It is important to immediately provide a preamble regarding this study: It was prepared by Comscore and Funded by FacebookWhich in recent months Absolutely not hiding Ha critical situations of the major software companies, particularly toward Apple, regarding its dominance of their software platforms.

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Comscore’s study has highlighted several interesting aspects and the main one is easy to understand: Pre-install the app on iOS and Android, especially those developed by Apple and Google, dominate among users. The chart below shows how Apple and Google apps work first places By number of users per month on iOS and Android. For another point of view: 75% Among the top 20 iOS apps in the US made by Apple, while Google made one 60% One of the best apps on Android.

Categories show how a file Some third party apps تطبيقات Among those who have more users on iOS and Android Facebook social networking site e Amazon. The graph also shows some interesting things: Apple’s calculator app, for example, has more active monthly users than Gmail users on Android.

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Apple was quick to comment ComScore Study: Facebook Funding Apparently Is First and Most Important conflict of interest, but the Cupertino giant also criticized Data collection methods. It was possible to apply for it to force The impression of lack of competition on the App Store. According to Apple, there are many third-party apps that can compete with app apps in different categories.

Apple also highlighted how the file works Previous Comscore Rankings, released last April, showed different results. However, these previous ratings do not take into account the use of pre-installed applications as the study presented now did. In general, there are others blurred sides In the study provided by Comscore, The Verge also noted: The study did not include data on the use of Browser The web, as well as on Android, the data was considered Not evenly divided According to the smartphone manufacturer.

Google preferred not to comment Comscore study funded by Facebook. Let us know what you think through the comment box below.

Source: the edge