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Power your phone with 400 watts…

Power your phone with 400 watts…

In recent weeks, almost all teams have resumed their preparations for 2024. Almost all of them gathered, as usual in recent years, in the heat of Spain.
He was clearly one of the athletes most followed by the media and fans Tadej Pogacar, Who in addition to being a hero now is also Personality on social networking sites, Deceive More than 1.3 million followers on Instagram It's almost 500,000 is Strava.

In recent days, a video of him was posted on Instagram and Strava during a grueling training session near Calpe in the company of some of his teammates.
Nothing special, except that while he was using the phone to film the short video Pogacar was preparing About 400 watts…


Using a smartphone with such ease means that Tadej has certainly not surpassed the Z4 (let's say that he has crossed the threshold for those who are not familiar with WhatsApp). Even if he hasn't been at his best during this period, the numbers are all there, since Tadej has often shown us that he can handle climbs lasting more than 20 minutes a day. Ultra 6.5 watts/kgThat is, about 420-430 watts. In some cases, on shorter climbs like the Col d'Eze in 2023, it reached 7W/kg.

Out of curiosity, we also report the training data during which the short video was produced, which you can also find in the profile Strava de Pogacar: 209.8 km with an altitude of 4206 meters in just over 6 hours, An average of 34.8 km/h.

Power your phone with 400 watts...

Tell the truth, are you also already counting down the days until the next Giro d'Italia…?

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