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Plotoki, Pd Shanti returns to the Apostolic, Letta 'Icons Important'

Plotoki, Pd Shanti returns to the Apostolic, Letta ‘Icons Important’

Under the stage Enrico Letta is crushed between the warmth of the Dem leaders and the demands for selfies from the fighters. A few meters behind the shoulders of Secretary Pd is the door of the Sandy Apostolic, the historic seat of the olive tree of Romano Prodi. Not a normal place. Excited to be here again? “We deliberately chose the Shanti Apostolic,” Letta told Adkronos. And he says: “Symbols are important”. A good omen for the future? “I firmly believe it,” Secretary Dem replies.

“We shouldn’t get our heads around,” he repeats to all speechwriters. But today “we won, we proved we could be a winning alternative,” Letta says with a bottle of champagne in an envelope. “This is a gift from a big fan of ours. Let’s drink it tonight.” At the Piazza Sandy Apostolic, Tempin’s public servants celebrate the return of Cambidoglio’s leadership with Roberto Qualteri. Committee leaders in Parliament from Nicolas Gingerreti to Tario Francescini, Deborah Serracciani and Simona Malpesi, then Deputy Secretary Pepe Provencano, Francesco Pocia, Cofredo Bettini and others.

But there are also expanders of the winning alliance in Rome: Liu from Federico Fornaro and Lourdesana de Petrice and later, Stefano Fasina and Bobo Croce and Luciano Nobili from Viva Italia. In the square, the flags of the Democrats are with the Socialists, with the list of left-wing civil ecologists. The center turned. “The role of the Democrats is the role of the Front and the role of the federal party,” says one alignment, Letta.

Qualieri, ‘Enrico is the right guide, he will be surprised in the years to come’

“I want to assure all allies that the Democratic Party’s generous and federal approach will not change abruptly in line with the results,” Letta assures. Work has just begun and the stated objective in view of the stated policies is to “bring together all who were our associates in these executive offices”. Up to 5 stars from Renzi and Calenda.

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For the Democratic secretary it was possible and the voters proved it by voting: “The voters in front of us, the center-left voters have joined a broad coalition that I stubbornly wanted to build”. When Qualteri mentions Virginia Rocky in the square, some whistles start from the crowd. The new mayor of Rome, for his part, raises the need for unification: “It is possible to unite the center-left, you can win in Rome and you can win even when there is a national challenge, because the country should not turn to the right”.

He also thanked Letta, saying “the right guide. Enrico will be amazing in the next few years.” On the small platform, hastily set up for the upgraded square, elected mini mayors in the municipalities of Rome ascended: all but one were won by left-wingers. “We are no longer Ztl’s party,” Letta insisted. ‘Bella Xiao’ who automatically leaves the square to wave the flag and close the celebrations. (By Mara Montanary)