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Part of the Omniverse show with the CEO in the kitchen was faked on CG -

Part of the Omniverse show with the CEO in the kitchen was faked on CG –

to remember an offer the system nvidia Omniverse last April with the company’s CEO, Jensen Huang, in the kitchen? Well, part of that event was basically a fake built in computer graphics.

was the question a statement Only recently, during a panel from Nvidia for Siggraph 2021, shows how so successful the experiment is that no one seems to have noticed. like Video Above, part of the event is built into computer graphics.

It was a great way to show the capabilities of the tools Omniverse To build virtual 3D environments: Using these Nvidia software and hardware, technicians built digital copies in the computer graphics of Jensen Huang and the surrounding kitchen, and fed them into the presentation.

Only CGI versions are visible 14 seconds During the presentation, but included in the keyword, they were not specifically noticed due to the excellent quality of the 3D video reconstruction, which indicates the work of the technology used.

In practice, it looks as if it is an investigation of the strange theory that emerged last year for the PS5 presentation, which according to some users includes broadcasters and CG guests, only that this question was rejected by Sony, while in this case it is all true and no one seems to be have noticed it.

If nothing else, this is a very effective way to show results for Nvidia Omniverse and Technologies For the company, which also led CEO Jensen Huang to receive the prestigious Robert N. Noyce Award from SIA.