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Parade on Republic Day, 2nd June.  Mattarella: ‘Italy is open to Europe’

Parade on Republic Day, 2nd June. Mattarella: ‘Italy is open to Europe’

What happened: Mattarella’s message to premiers, Northern League member Borghi’s appointment, Salvini’s words

The Italian Republic “is included today in the wider community of the European Union, which we have decided to live with the other free peoples of the continent, and in a few days, with the election of the European Parliament, whose sovereignty we will sanctify. “. President’s words Sergio Mattarella, and on the occasion of the Republic Day celebrations, on June 2 in a message to the Chief Ministers to act as interpreters for initiatives promoted at the local level. The news was released by Quirinale yesterday.

It was 9.43am this morning, then the Northern League Senator Claudio BorghiA candidate for the European elections in the central constituency, immediately afterwards Roberto Vannacci e Susanna Cecardi, protests on social media and directly attacks the head of state. “June 2nd, Italian Republic Day. Today the sovereignty of our country is sanctified. If the President thinks that sovereignty belongs to the European Union instead of Italy, he must resign for stability – he asks – because its operation will no longer make sense”.

On TV, to those asking him about Borgie’s tweet, Matteo Salvini He says he doesn’t study. But, after listening to its contents, he does not distance himself and approves of the views. “Today is the feast of the Italians and the Republic, not European sovereignty. The Republic is Italian national sovereignty, so we have the President,” says the Deputy Prime Minister, who was not present at the reception. Yesterday he was busy rallying with Roberto Vannacci at the Quirinale, Milan, and today he did not take part in the military parade in the Imperial Forums. “I think of Europe as a collection of sovereign, autonomous and independent countries that share some potential, some power, but national sovereignty is absolutely fundamental”.

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