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Papia’s fury in Italy, serious critical issues in the next hours »

Papia’s fury in Italy, serious critical issues in the next hours »

Live Chronicle Weather: Papia’s fury over Italy, serious complications in the next hours

A chance of thunderstorms in the next few hoursAnd the fury of Cyclone Popbia over the next few hours will cause some serious criticism in the weather forecast. In fact, we are returning from Sunday, when the Papia vortex turned into a veritable hurricane, with heavy rains in the northwestern regions, especially in Liguria, affected by severe bad weather and many inconveniences..

situation – During these hours the most active area of ​​bad weather has moved towards north-easterly areas. Although rain is still widespread in the west, especially in the mountains, during these hours rain and strong thunderstorms hit the entire Triveneto region. Unstable weather in parts of the station, especially between Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo. Rain was also reported in central and northern Sardinia. In Liguria it rains weakly, and heavy rainfall during these hours gives a nice break. Apart from what may be a fearful disturbance in Campania, it cannot be said that the weather will be more calm for the southern parts and Sicily.

EvolutionSo what happens in the next few hours? The weather picture will remain very unstable in the northern regions, and for hours the entire Tyrrhenian sector from Tuscany to Lazio and Campania and Calabria. Pay particular attention to the north where precipitation can again pick up a stronger intensity during the day.

In fact, as the graph below shows, during the day Monday, August 28It is still possible to record accumulations on i 100m, peaking at 150, so equivalent to 150 liters of rain per square metre..Rainfall forecast for Monday, August 28Rainfall forecast for Monday, August 28The Bad weather The Poppy Vortex moves its beating heart ever so slowly eastward and lasts throughout the day. Come on, all the prerequisites are there for the bad weather to continue Next 24 hours.

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Over the next few hours However, new updates on expected weather conditions will be available.
Let’s see later.