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"Now a Port".  Louis Michel enters Italian waters

“Now a Port”. Louis Michel enters Italian waters

The ship headed straight with the settlers on board Lampedusa. Maybe there is no right to dock. Craft Lewis Michael, flying the German flag, entered Italian territorial waters and approached our coast with the intention of offloading its passengers. In the specific case, around thirty people have been rescued in the last few hours, and instead 261 refugees were welcomed aboard the Humanity1 ship off the coast of Catania.

We need a port now’ the activists would have asked NGO, by contacting Italian and Spanish port offices. But it is not clear whether the attempt was arbitrary (hence, unauthorized) or whether a port of docking was actually provided. The fact is, as documented by the marine traces of the site, Louis Michael gradually approached Italy. Ship finderThe Humanitarian ship Funded by the artist Banksy (who decorated it with a fire extinguisher), Lampedusa tried to approach it. However, following upheavals at sea, Louis Michel’s bow later reversed course and headed back towards the international sea entrance, although this time it had not yet been reached. A sign – let’s say the green light doesn’t come from Italy.

In the last few hours, intercepted in international waters A dinghy Louis Michel’s crew was overburdened with migrants as he distributed life jackets, water and food to the shipwrecked as they awaited the arrival of Humanity1, which arrived a few hours later. “After waiting for several hours for relief coordination centers to coordinate“, the captains of the two ships decided late in the evening to bring all the salvaged goods from Louis Michel aboard Humanity 1.”Our largest rescue ship has excellent medical facilities and offers more protection from cold weather“, they explain from the German NGO.

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Humanity1, we recall, already had a core Arm wrestling with the Italian authorities. A recent arrangement signed by Viminale allows NGO ships to disembark only those deemed vulnerable in Italy. After identifying the latter, the ship must return to international waters with the rest of the crew through a special inspection. However, humanitarian boats do not follow this procedure once they enter our waters. This also happened with Humanity 1, which later allowed all transported immigrants to disembark.