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One Piece 1059, Blackbeard's New Size Revealed [SPOILER]

One Piece 1059, Blackbeard’s New Size Revealed [SPOILER]

Chapter 1058 finally brought a fan piece One of the aspects most requested over the years by the entire community: Mugiwara’s sizes. After their many actions during the Wano Arc, which lead them to clash with two Emperors, Big Mom and Kaido, they defeat their crews, giving Orochi a hard time and finally witnessing the Admiral’s escape. Suppose how their sizes will increase significantly from the previous figures.

And, in fact, it was like this: the rewards for Luffy and his crew members have taken leaps and bounds, and while the captain has reached levels sufficient to be considered a Yonko in all respects, even his “officers” have become individuals that the World Government fears and considers dangerous.

In addition, there was also an increase in the sizes of Buggy and Crocodile, and in addition to this we also found out about the size of Mihawk, one of the most anonymous data regarding this character, along with his enigmatic past and life. Last with Red Shanks. Now, with Chapter 1059, we’re still getting new VIP bonuses, and among them is one that’s causing quite a stir among fans: Blackbeard’s.

1 piece 1059, black beard size

Here, then, with the release of the first spoilers for Chapter 1059 of One Piece, other volumes appear as well, this time relating to Boa Hancock, Silver Riley, and, as we said, Blackbeard. In this article we will focus precisely on this character, as his strength and constant absence in the past few seasons caused many questions about what he was about to do, especially after his departure from Hashino.

Blackbeard’s goal is certainly to expand his powers immeasurably: not for nothing, this ambition led him to challenge Ace, first becoming a member of the Fleet of Seven and then Emperor, also claiming to have a very powerful crew of prisoners. Stronger and ruthless than those who resided in Impel Down and his main enemy was the mighty Whitebeard.

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He has always shown a keen interest in large sizes, and so far he has not been far from this, boasting a figure of 2,247,600,000 berries. However, due to his many raids recently (which will be explored further in this new chapter), Blackbeard has now made an insurmountable “quantum leap” as he approaches the platform of the highest volume rankings currently known, with a figure of 3,996 ,,000,000 berries. It is now very close to those in Shanks the Red, which are valued at 4,048,900 berries, and surpasses those in Buggy and Mihawk.

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