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In Fermi a new course of study: the four-year scientific high school with the title of Biomedicine is underway

From the start of the academic year, 2022/2023, the IIS Fermi Scientific Graduate School of Catanzaro, in addition to the biomedical bend it has been doing for three years, will be enriched by a new and unique course of study in Calabria: the School’s Biomedical Course High school for four years. It can be read in a note from the same institute

This new educational path was born from the design and insight of the Director of Teaching, Dr. Teresa Augusto, and from the passion of the entire faculty who are always watching the future and always ready to welcome new challenges. Thus, IIS Fermi proves once again to be an innovative and comprehensive school model that takes on a European and international dimension. Furthermore, the science major is expected to be enhanced hourly for 6 hours per week for all four years, as learning modules related to anatomy, physiology, molecular biology, microbiology, histology and neuroscience will be deepened. For these units, there will be hours of co-presence with the doctors belonging to the Guild of Physicians, Surgeons and Dentists of the province of Catanzaro with whom the school has an agreement.

It is also proposed – follow the press release – from the first year and for the entire course of study, 1 hour per week dedicated to mathematics teaching with the CLIL methodology, which provides for the teaching of contents in a foreign language, and 1 hour per week of coexistence between science and English majors for formal studies and scientific readings in the language.

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Another important novelty is the introduction of the verbal and formal logic disciplines and mathematical logic for all four years as well as the introduction of a forensic science laboratory where students will be able to apply some specific investigative techniques and simultaneously acquire concepts. temper nature.

The school will welcome first-year students as early as September 6, which is the date on which the zero-course courses aimed at consolidating and standardizing incoming skills will begin.

Quadrennial Scientific High School with the Biomedical Title – we read more agents are clearly different from the National Track for Advance Biology – orientation with a biomedical bend targeting traditional science high school titles, Applied Science Option and Sports title, which, again, This is for the fourth year in a row, IIS Fermi has secured 19 other high schools in Calabria. In fact, students interested in this path, starting only from the third year to the fifth academic year, attend 150 hours of extra-curricular lessons taught by science teachers within the Institute and doctors identified by the Syndicate of Surgeons and Dentists of the province of Catanzaro”