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Ocean Viking and Geo Parents rescued 11 juveniles who fled the colonists’ reception center.  Mayor: I have no idea

Ocean Viking and Geo Parents rescued 11 juveniles who fled the colonists’ reception center. Mayor: I have no idea

Senigalia – 11 out of 39 unaccompanied foreign minors arrived Ancona Voluntarily left the temporary reception center with NGO ships (Eritrean and Sudanese nationalities) Senigallia. The boys disembarked yesterday and Tuesday at the former Massey Hotel, managed by Caritas. Ocean Viking and Geo Parents, after being rescued off the coast of Libya in international waters.

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Interior Minister Matteo Piantossi said he had been informed of the removal of the minors. Immigrants From Senigallia: “Let’s hope only on a temporary basis,” he underlined.

The mayor was surprised that the young immigrants were not informed about the removal. They had been missing since morning and he had no idea about them last night. “I don’t know that – he said yesterday evening, when he contacted Mayor Massimo Olivetti on the phone – I’m learning it now, no one informed me. I hope everything goes well.”.

Discovery at lunchtime – The mayor, like many others, believes they may have taken a train that was close to the structure set up for their reception. Although they were all minors, the center’s entrances were unmanned, and they were not even forced to stay inside upon arrival. They come from difficult backgrounds and the last thing Caritas wants is to make them feel “in prison”.

During the day they are free to roam in and around the garden and it is easy to get out. Thirteen of them left yesterday morning. At first the fourteenth appeared to be missing, but was later found inside a former hotel in Piazzale Morandi, now owned by the Mirco Giacomelli Foundation, which has been acquired by Caritas. First for Ukrainians, when it was renamed Futuro Hotel, now for immigrants. When it was time to sit at the table, they realized that many chairs were still empty and not many people were there. They are missing from the room or around the building. Two hours later they returned. It is difficult to understand why they left. All of them speak Arabic, only a few speak English. During these days two mediators spoke to them. Many people want to join family members in other cities or countries they may have visited, but they may want to move around and discover the city without being confined to the center. For this reason, Caritas plans to organize walks in the city for the next few days so that they do not get too bored.