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Here’s Who Your Check Will Grow The Most For (And How Much)

Here’s Who Your Check Will Grow The Most For (And How Much)

Here are the revaluations. in feb annuities They will be fuller than many Italians. In fact, the INPS has established that from next month it will not only start cashing the new minimum checks for over 75s – as laid down in the budget law – which will rise from 525 euros in 2022 to the 600 required by the government melons, But also everyone’s “public” re-evaluation that wasn’t really accounted for in January. An expected increase, in the usual alphabetical order, you will notice the light in the payments that will arrive between February 1 and 4 and take the form of +7.3%. Indeed, according to the experts of the Sos.Tariffe portal, the pension increase is due to an actual 5.3% increase in social security checks compared to the previous month, and with the remaining 2% already paid in November 2022. It was decided by the Draghi government.


However, reassessment does not concern all retirees. Only checks that do not exceed four times the minimum treatment, i.e. those up to 2101.52, are affected by the 100% adjustment. For those receiving higher monthly numbers, a decreasing increase is expected instead. In fact, the maneuver proved that there would be not three but six arches. This means that, according to estimates, retirees with checks between 2,101.52 and 2,626.90 euros, thus approximately 162 euros, will receive a revaluation of 85%. For those between €2,626.90 and €3,152, the revaluation is 53%, or about €120.

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However, there are also new benefits for those over 75 who benefit from a minimum allowance, which has risen to €600 per month. Or rather, according to Sos Tariffe, 697 euros is also considering a revaluation of the equation. For minimum benefit pensioners who have not completed their 75th year, the pension will not be increased to €600, but in addition to benefiting from a 7.3% inflation revaluation, they will receive an additional +1.5% which will raise their check for €570.


The following are the payment dates for categories of retirees, divided by the first letter of the family name (for the scholarship holder).

Wed 26.01 AB
Thursday 27.01 CD
Fri 28.01 EK
Sat 29.01 (am) LO
Mon 31.01 PR
Tuesday 01.02 p.m

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